“The Humourous MP Report; Quetta, 1967”

By Lt Col Wajahatullah Khan Lodi (R), Engrs (2nd OTS Course)

Lt Col Wajahatullah Khan Lodi (R), Engrs (2nd OTS Course)Editor: Lt Col Wajahatullah Khan Lodi was born at Radhanpur, Gujarat (India) in 1925. He was  commissioned in 91 Fd Coy RPE (Royal Pakistan Engineers) in 1950 and later raised 13 Engr Bn. He retired in 1975 and settled in Karachi. He is presently living with his son in California, USA.

A a Military Policeman of Pakistan ArmyI am narrating a factual event that happened when I was commanding 13 Engr Bn at Quetta back in 1967. An order was received from the Div HQ to dispatch a motor grader for leveling a parade ground. The motor grader was promptly sent. It was on its way when it collided with a civilian car coming from the opposite direction. The accident was immediately reported to the Military Police, they rushed to the site of the accident and investigated. The next day the following report was received by the unit from the OC MP:-

“The investigations made at the site of accident show that the driver of the civilian car is entirely to blame. The motor grader was moving on the right side of the road that is the left side, and the car was moving on the wrong side of the road that is the right side”.

The humorous MP Report made my day, I showed it to other unit officers and they also enjoyed its contents.

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  1. Very nice and definitely funny. Confirms the fact that an average soldier is a simple person with his heart in the “right” place which is the “left” place. God Bless Col Wajahatullah Khan Lodi for sharing this beautiful episode with us all.

  2. Lt Col Amir Afzal Khan, Retd (40 PMA) says:

    Nice one. Very intelligent OC MP.

  3. Almas Tirmizi says:

    Yet another interesting and humorous anecdote penned down by a very close family friend, Wajih Chacha. Keep writing to give us a reason to smile!
    Take care.

  4. Dear Sir,
    Nice anecdote. Please share more.

  5. Sir,
    I am so glad you’ve shared it here too. I am including such gems in our unit’s (Editor: 13 Engr Bn) history.
    Prayers and regards.

  6. Maj Syed Ale Haider Zaidi (R), Avn says:

    I think the investigator prepared its report facing the grader from the front. If you place yourself in the above position you will appreciate the report.

  7. Maj Aziz-ur-Rehman (R), Air Def (15th War Course) says:

    Perhaps the OC MP initiating the report wasn’t aware of the maxim “Always remain on the right side of your CO.” The word ‘right’ denoting conforming or compliant and not for direction. Because the juniors always remain on the left side of their seniors as per protocol, so the question of placing one’s self directionally at the right of CO didn’t arise. That way its easy to perceive.

  8. Brig Aslam Khan (R), AC (33 PMA) says:

    Good one.

  9. Col Shah Alam (R), AC/Avn (34 PMA), Canada says:

    Truly hilarious. Glad you were able to interpret and decrypt it correctly.

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