Home Remedy for Knee Pain with Flax Seeds

By Hasan Jawaid (1st SSC), NJ, USA

Hasan Jawaid, NJ, USAI used to do pretty intense workout which caused me knee pain but someone told me to treat it with flax Home Remedy for Knee Pain with Flax Seedsseeds (Also called Linseeds; Alsi,السی) and it was very helpful. The flax seeds are not put on the knees, instead these are put around the joints of two left hand fingers that are between index & pinky fingers. In hikmat these points symbolize knees. The result was amazing. On the daily basis I run more than 4 miles but now I have no pain, Alhamdo Lillah.


1. Every night before going to bed, pour flax seeds on two separate small strips of masking tape. Seeds will stick to the glue of the tape (see Photo 2).

Easy Home Remedy for Knee Pain with Flax Seeds
2. Now wrap the masking tapes around the joints of two left hand fingers that are between index & pinky fingers. Make sure that the flax seeds are on top of both joints and around them (See Photo 3).

Wrap masking tapes around the joints of two left hand fingers - Remove Knee Pain
3. Leave it on the fingers overnight and take it off in the morning.
4. Do it for a few days and see if it helps.
5. Everyone’s system is different, for me it worked in the first two days. What is perfect for one might not be the answer for someone else.

I normally put it every night before going to sleep and take it off in the morning. There is no condition of day/night. Anyone can put it on and will see the difference. At least it worked for me.

Best of luck.

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  1. Iftikhar Siddiqi says:

    Half a century ago, home remedies worked very well for all coupled with good food. Such remedies must be tried before going for surgeries or heavy medications. While in the West doctors recommend antibiotics as a last resort, they are trigger happy in Pakistan. Thanks for sharing your experiences with medical conditions.
    Can someone share his experience for treatment of kidney stones with a local solution. My kidney stone grew to 2 cm before it had to be removed through lithotripsy (breakup from outside by sound waves).

    • Brig Sardar Majid Azim, Retd (3rd SSC) says:

      Are you Brig Iftikhar Siddiqi from AD? Sir, I don’t know your location, please contact me at 0345 8580345. I have a medicine which can remove the stone. Many people have benefited.
      Majid Azim

  2. Dear Hasan Jawaid,
    Sir, It is nice of you to share your experience. It is a harmless, easy and affordable home remedy. May Allah give you reward for this kind gesture.

  3. Shah Alam (34th PMA), Canada says:

    Hasan! Thanks for sharing your experience which turned into a miraculous healing. And since there are no chemicals involved, there is really no risk involved giving it a try. May Allah bless you health. Amen.

    I’ll take the opportunity of narrating what an 85 years old Zoroastrian lady shared with me. This recipe too revolves around natural products and hence safe and without risk. This is to heal joint pains—like knee joints & knuckles—and muscular pains, cramps, etc. This is how it goes.

    Add about 5 to 10 drops each of Rosemary oil and Lavender oil to about 4 table spoons of pure almond oil: just stir and the mixture is ready for use. The quantity thus mixed is adequate for about 4 weeks. Now apply 3-4 drops of this mixture to the area of pain and massage for just about a minute or so till the oil is absorbed in to skin. Once a day is enough but twice won’t harm.

    I have had a feedback of about 70% success rate.

    • Hasan Jawaid (NJ, USA) 1st SSC says:

      Shah Alam, Sir, thanks for sharing information also.
      Try drinking a cup of hot water with a tea spoon of turmeric and a pinch of cinnamon, both in powder form. I also take a tablespoon of chia seeds. Without going into the details of my workout just believe it that these two things have greatly helped me continue my regimen which is more intense than what I did when I was in my Unit. Just to give one example, back in the Unit days we never did 2-3 miles a day but I have been doing it for several years almost 5 times a week. Obviously, this also has to do a lot with mindset and how well one has taken care of over the years. Regardless, give it a shot and I am sure you will benefit also, In Sha Allah.

  4. Iftikhar Siddiqi (1st SSC) says:

    Was there a change in colour or condition of the seeds when you removed these in the morning?

    • Hasan Jawaid (NJ - USA) says:

      Dear Iftikhar,
      Color doesn’t change but I noticed they had split open at times while remained the same or little swollen other times. There are two more things I do, please try them too.

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