Healthy Life Style of Pretty Women

By just eating top beauty foods will not make any woman beautiful looking and healthy. She will have to pursue a healthy lifestyle too. She will be required to make certain changes in her lifestyle. Healthy food combined with healthy lifestyle will make her look much younger than her age. Some  steps for improving  healthy lifestyle are listed below:-




1. Eat lot of fruits and vegetables, especially green ones.


2. Take cod liver oil or a suitable multi-vitamin after consulting your doctor.

3. Take vitamin C, which is antioxidant.


4. Once in a month, turn off the TV completely for one day. Don’t be a couch potato, instead enjoy with your friends and family.


5. Once in a month, turn off your computer and indulge in some healthy activity. Once accustomed to this ‘ban’, you may try at fortnightly.

6. Pursue some hobby. It will engross you and you will forget your worries and tensions.



7. Avoid junk food (Burgers, pizzas, soft drinks, chips, etc.)

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8. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day.


9. Do brisk walk or some light exercise for at least 30 minutes each day.



10. Avoid smoking

11. Avoid drinking.

12. Get  8 hours sleep.


13. Have a positive attitude and have fun. Keep smiling.


14. Before going to sleep each night, just spare 2 minutes and think that which of the above mentioned ways of healthy lifestyle have been violated by you during the day. Don’t repeat these mistakes again the next day.


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