Health Websites

Some of the best medical websites which are frequently visited by senior doctors and researchers are given here.

Cleveland Clinic

Disease Control & Prevention

Health Finder  (Website of U.S. Department of Health & Human Services lists over 1,600 health-related topics, given in an alphabetical order.

JAMA (The Journal of the American Medical Association)

Massachusetts General Hospital

Mayo Clinic

The New England Journal of Medicine

Net Doctor



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  2. Tahira Mahmooda says:

    Please be responsible and check the spelling before posting. Its health not heath.I am surprised, It shows our commitment and honesty to our work. You got to gain public confidence, how can you do that when you don’t even check little but important things like this.However, I have to admit that the entertainment by Bushra Ansari is absolutely amazing. Keep it up!!

    • Dear Madam,
      To enable us to correct the fault, can you point out the exact Post where the incorrect spelling of ‘Health’ is written?

      • Tahira Mahmooda says:

        Thank you very much for taking notice. I am sure you can locate the mistake, its just next to Bushra Ansari and women achievers. it just an innocent mistake but doesn’t look good here because “Native Pakistan” is pretty popular particularly people away from home.

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