HalalGoogling, a Muslim Search Engine


Halal Googling Search Engine

You can try it here: http://halalgoogling.com/

Halalgoogling is a Muslim search engine which has been launched recently. It blocks content forbidden under Islamic law. By searching through this Search Engine one can surf the Internet avoiding obscene articles and photos on websites. Halalgoogling functions like Google but incorporates a Filtering System that excludes contents from the search results such as gambling, pornography, ‘Playboy’, nudity, etc.

Search terms like “pictures of Mohammad,” and “resurrection of Jesus ” yield no results other than a message reading, “No results found or you have searched Haram content.”

Halalgoogling is still not able to catch all the Haram content. Users are encouraged to report the content that slips by the “Haram Filtering System.”

A team of “internet experts” across the globe has been working on this site for years to cater to the needs of Muslims desiring to search the Internet without Haram content. Read more………….

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  1. Masood Ahmed says:

    I pray Almighty ALLAH give you successes in your good and HALAL mission for Muslim community surfing the web in halal way. Aameen.

  2. Pak Native says:

    Well done. This Search Engine is fast improving.

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