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Editor’s Note: Course mates whose names are not in this list or observe any spelling mistake may write an instant comment at the end of this page.
In order to avoid duplication, the names of Course mates who were in HDR-5 on the day of Passing Out Parade (22 July 1972) are mentioned on this page.
You can also see the photos of all those whose names are clickable (in blue colour).

Platoon Commander: Maj Talat Saeed Khan, AC
Group Photo: HDR-5 Group Photo, 22 July 1972.
Muhammad Saleem, Air Def
Ahmad Salman Malik, Arty/Avn
M. Khalid Sajjad Khokhar, FF
Muhammad Akram Malik, FF
Waheed Ullah Khan, FF
Malik Sohail Ahmed, Air Def
Salman Aslam, Arty
Iftikhar-ud-Din Nazar, Arty
Muhammad Umer Farooq, Sigs
Fazalur Rahman Khan, Air Def
Muhammad Naeem Rajpoot, Baluch
Ghulam Akbar Khan, Engrs
Hafeez-ur-Rehman, Baluch
Shabbir Ahmed Malik, Air Def      (Lives in USA)
Fida Muhammad, Arty
Muhammad Altaf, Air Def   (Lives in USA)
Muhammad Ilyas, FF   (Nickname: Manekshaw)
Muhammad Ijaz, Arty
Muhammad Riaz, ASC
Parvez Akhtar, Arty  (Late)
Muhammad Zafar Saeed Bokhari, Air Def  (Late)
Irfan Ullah, Punjab
Munir Ahmad, FF (Late)
Javaid Hassan Kurd, Arty (Late)
Akkas Manzur, AC
Muhammad Haseeb, Air Def

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  1. Maj Gen Saleem Janjua (HDR-5) says:

    Cheema ji,
    No words to praise this work. Simply stated nobody else except Rashid Zia Cheema could have done it. Very well done and we are all grateful to you for this everlasting contribution.