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Editor’s Note: Course mates whose names are not in this list or observe any spelling mistake may write an instant comment at the end of this page.
In order to avoid duplication, the names of Course mates who were in HDR-1 on the day of Passing Out Parade (22 July 1972) are mentioned on this page.
You can also see the photos of all those whose names are clickable (in blue colour).

Platoon CommanderMaj Muhammad Irfan, Ord (Late) (Photo not yet available).
Group Photo: Not yet available.           
Mohsin Kamal, Punjab                             (Coy SUO)
Syed Tariq Hassan, Punjab
Ejaz Ahmad Tanveer, Arty
Ghulam Nabi
Muhammad IKram Cheema, Baluch/Avn    (Lives in Canada)
Malik Muhammad Sarfraz Khan, Arty
Naeem Ahmad Khan, Baluch                                                  (BQ)
Ansar Ali Khas, Arty/AEC                                 (Lives in UK)
Naseem Ullah Cheema, Punjab
Muhammad Akram Ranjha, Arty/Avn
Mansoor Ahmad Anjam Hashmi, Punjab
Abdul Wahab, Baluch/AK
Abdul Ghaffar
Ali Muhammad Malik, ASC
Muhammad Bashir Khattak, Punjab/Sind   (Late)
Riaz Ahmed
Malik Ghulam Sarwar
Tariq Baloch (Piara)
Haq Nawaz
Muhammad Arshad (Late)
Qaisar Bajwa, Punjab
Akhtar Hussain, Baluch
Ishrat Ansari, AC
Azam Gill, Punjab                  (Lives in France)
GC Tariq (Late)                    (Died in PMA reportedly due to an injection reaction)

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