Group Photo of HDR-3 Platoon

Group Photo of Haider-3 Platoon, 22 July 1972. Unfortunately, out of 26 Platoon mates present in this photo, today (01 Apr 2013) following 3 comrades are no more with us انا لله وانا اليه راجعون (May Allah grant them a prominent place in Janat-ul-FirdousAmeen):-
–  Lt Col Abdullah Saeed, Air Def (Standing 1st Row: 2nd from Right)
Maj Muhammad Nisar Ahmed, FF/Avn  (Standing 1st Row: 5th from Left)
– Capt Muhammad Ali, Punjab (Standing 2nd Row: Extreme Left)
Photo contributed by Maj Syed Iqbal Hussain (HDR-3).
Please note that Maj Rafiq Hasrat’s name has been missed. He is sitting 3rd from the Left.
Lt Col Aziz Khalid’s (Standing 1st Row: Extreme Right) has been incorrectly written as Khalid Aziz.

Group Photo of Haider-3 Platoon

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