Group Photo of GHR-4 Platoon

Group Photo of Ghori-4 Platoon, 1972. Photo contributed by Brig Zafar Iqbal Chaudhry (GHR-4).

Group Photo, 1972 (Ghori-4)Names Ghori-4 Group Photo

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  1. Lt Col Javaid Ahmed Kamal (GHR-4) says:

    Well done Zafar. It takes you back to the old memories and reminds you about those whom our memory fails to recall after such a long time. It will also help Cheema to update list of G-4. Thank you.

  2. Brig Khawaja Alam Zeb (ABD-4) says:

    I appreciate this suggestion. May some one post group photo of ABD-4 as my copy was damaged due to rain on my luggage during move. Salam to all brother Course mates and their families.

  3. Co Qaisar Rashid (SSH-4) says:

    Brig Zafar has done another commendable job. Well done, Sir.

    • Lt Col Masood Alam (SSH-3) says:

      Good job done, sir. Cpl Abdul Haque has not changed a bit since his cadet days. He is still slim, smart and energetic.Best Regards.

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