Group Photo of Ghori-2 Platoon, 22 July 1972

Group Photo of Ghori-2 Platoon, 22 July 1972. This photo was taken on the day of Passing Out Parade. Unfortunately, out of 25 Platoon mates, today (4 April 2014) following 2 comrades are no more with us إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــو ن ( May Allah grant them a prominent place in Janat-ul-Firdous, Ameen):-
Capt Shahid Anwar Qureshi (Standing 1st Row: 4th from Left)
– Lt Col Mohammad Yahya Khan (Standing 1st Row: 7th from Left)
Khalid Pervaiz later changed his name to Khalid Hassan.
Photo contributed by Brig Asad Hakeem (GHR-2).

Group Photo of Ghori-2 Platoon ( 2nd SSC) 22 July 1972
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  1. Lt Col Kamran Gul Abdullah (SSH-1) says:

    Asad, Thanks for sharing old memories. May Allah SWT bless our deceased comrades.

  2. Major Muhammad Javaid-ul-Hussan (SSH-4) says:

    Thanks a lot for providing this precious photo to us.

  3. Maj Khalid Saeed Shah (GHR-3) says:

    Dear Sir,
    Many thanks for sharing group photo. Brig. Afzal (known as APPHI amongst close friends) used to sing beautiful song of LATA “Mohey bhool gayee sanwarriya”. Tallat Mehmood is his favorite singer. How MGM could be forgotten by Tobians. Thanks again and Stay Blessed.

  4. Brig Ahmad Salman Malik (HDR-5) says:

    Nice to see so many friends in their golden days. Thanks for sharing Asad Hakeem.

  5. Lt Col Masood Alam (SSH-3) says:

    Dear Asad, Thanks for sharing this historic picture.

  6. Lt Zahid Abbas (GHR-2) says:

    Thanks for sharing Asad Hakeem!!

  7. Col Qaisar Rashid (SSH-4) says:

    May Allah bless the departed souls.
    One incident I must share with the Tobians. I remember immediately after Passing Out I met Shaheen in Anarkali Lahore. He recognized me but I did not because he was wearing wig. I think he was the only one in 2nd SSC who was bald. I wish he reads and contacst me for I haven’t met him since.

  8. Lt Azam Gill (HDR-1), France says:

    Good picture that catalyzes many memories: Thank you, Asad Hakeem.

  9. Lt Col Rashid Zia Cheema (ABD-1) says:

    May Allah give highest place in Jannah to our deceased comrades of GHR-2 and all other platoons of 2nd SSC, Ameen.
    Asad Hakeem, Thanks for sharing the Group Photo of your platoon. This is the 8th Group Photo out of 20 platoons. Hope to receive the rest also.
    You can see all Group Photos by clicking at this link: Group Photos, 2nd SSC

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