Gloomy and Cheerless Politics-I

By Col Masood Anwar (34 Long Course)

The maker and breaker of the sense of right and wrong; the maker and breaker of ideas and notion; the redeemer of communal way of life; dear all I am talking about politics the source of joy and discomfort in human relationships. I am talking about politics that adds hope and makes false impression and that which makes life easy and difficult. My observation about politics is gloomy and cheerless, perhaps unusual? I sincerely feel that politics was never as faithless as it is today? I may be acting more pessimistic but when I find such inclinations and tendencies in modern-day politics I cannot help saying so.

Lying, deceptiveness, meanness and more; politics is free of all moral requisites. But the question we must ask is: could we do without politics? Do we need a saviour saddled on a horse back with a sword in his hand to come and teach a lesson to those who have contaminated politics? There will not be a saviour; the affairs of countries are not run on wish and whim; Nature doesn’t act the way we want it to act; this is simplified imagination. We cannot do without politics. Therefore let’s make politics more cheerful and bright. How could we do that? Teach yourself about logic and imagination.

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