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Editor’s Note: Course mates, whose names are not in this list or observe any spelling mistake, may write an instant comment at the end of this page.
You can see the photos of all those whose names are clickable (in blue colour).
In order to avoid duplication, the names of Course mates who were in GHR-5 platoon at the time of Passing Out have been mentioned on this page.

Platoon Commander: Maj Imran Ullah Lodhi, Arty
Group Photo: Not yet available.
Tariq Rasool, Baluch
Sikandar Ali, AC
Ghazanfar Hussain Khan, FF
Muhammad Shahid Shah, Air Def
Khalid Siddique, Arty
Khalid Masood Butt, Baluch
Tajjamul Hussain, Air Def
Sohail Iqbal Khan, Arty
Mahmood Elahi, Baluch
Muhammad Ilyas, FF
Abdul Haque, Punjab
Noor, Sigs
Majeed Sahu, Arty  ??
Attique, FF                         Lives in Karachi
Ajmal, FF                           Lives in Kotli Payaan near Mansehra
Shahid, Baluch  ??
Tariq Mahmood, Arty
Muhammad Hassan Ziadi, Arty

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