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Editor’s Note: Course mates whose names are not in this list or observe any spelling mistake may write an instant comment at the end of this page. You can see the photos of all those whose names are clickable.

Platoon CommanderMaj Mehboob Sultan, Arty
Group Photo: GHR-2 Group Photo, 22 July 1972.
Asad Hakeem, FF                  (Coy SUO)
Banaras Khan Jadoon, FF
Muhammad Afzal, Baluch
Sajjad Ahmad, Air Def
Muhammad Waqar Azeem, Arty (Late)
Riffat Baksh Awan, FF
Abdul Qayyum Khan, Baluch
Farooque Akhtar, Air Def
Muhammad Yahya Khan, Arty   (Late)
Javed Akbar Shah, FF    (He joined SSG)
Khalid Hassan*, Baloch/Sind    (Late)  (*Previous name Khalid Pervaiz)
Muhammad Zafar, Arty  (nick name ‘Papoo’)
Mohammad Aamer, Air Def
Mumtaz Ghani Mumtaz, Arty
Muhammad Inayat, Arty/AEC
Javaid Hussain Rizvi, Arty
Makhdoom Qaiser, Baluch        (Lives in Australia)
Munawar Hussain, Arty
Fazle Qadir
Pervez Qamar, Air Def
Manzoor Hussain, Air Def
Shaheen Ahmad, Air Def
Shahid Anwar Qureshi, Arty (Late)
Zahid Abbas, Engrs    (Lives in Canada) Left Army in 1975. Became a Doctor.
Shahid Latif, AC      (Relegated to Baby Course)

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  1. Maj Makhdoom Qaisar (GHR-2) Australia says:

    There was no ‘Shahid, Baluch’ in GHR-2 and Khalid Masood Butt went to GHR-5.
    Javed Akbar Shah FF/SSG, Javaid Hussain Rizvi Arty, Muhammad Inayat AEC and Muhammad Akram??

    • Dear Makhdoom,
      Thanks for the input.
      Names of Shahid ans Khalid Masood Butt have been removed.
      Arms of Javed Akbar Shah, Rizvi and Inayat have been added.
      Nobody went straight to AEC from our course. Which was the initial arm of Inayat?
      Which is the arm of Akram?

  2. Dr. Zahid Abbas (GHR-2) Canada says:

    Shahid Latif’s name is missing from the list. He was relegated to 3rd SSC/Baby Course. I think he went to the Armoured Corps.

  3. Maj Makhdoom Qaiser (GHR-2), Australia says:

    Sir, full name, Abdul Qayyum Khan 19 Baluch, Zahid Abbas left on medical ground and joined Nishter Medical College, Multan to become a doctor.

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