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Editor’s Note: A good collection of world’s best funny clips and short funny videos have been added on this page. These videos and clips are extremely funny. This is a carefully selected stock of top funny videos.

The Slap. The funniest clip you will ever watch. A soldier, a young woman, a colonel, and an old woman board a train…………..(See the clip and enjoy the fun).

Fortune-Teller. Does a fortune-teller know if your marketing plan is working? In this modern age, the business of fortune-tellers will still flourish as long as some goofs still have trust in them.

Guess This Ad?  Try and guess what this commercial is for before it ends. You can’t call it a funny video. It’s one of the best ads you’ve ever seen.

Civil Servants. Civil servants have the same attitude throughout the world. Haven’t you faced this in Pakistani Govt offices? This video is in Spanish but has excellent English subtitles. One of the best video you will ever see.


Royal Wedding Dance. Watch the wedding entrance dance to top all wedding entrance dances. T-Mobile’s Royal Wedding Dance celebrates the marriage of William and Kate with the help of a host of royal look alikes and music from East 17!

Arabic & Punjabi Mixed Basant Commentary. A Punjabi tries to explain to Arabs about the Basant festival.

“America! America!”. An anti-American song.

Honking at Granny. A woman was video taping her son riding a skate board when her attention switched to an old woman crossing the street. A car honked at her and the driver really got what he deserved. See this funny 30 second video.

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