Urdu Funny Poetry

This page contains funny Urdu poems of Pakistani poets. The collection of funny Urdu poetry (Mazahia shaayri) of Pakistan is really hilarious.

“Allah Rakhi”

Funny Urdu Poem: Allah Rakhi - Funny Urdu Poetry

“Meri Piyari Biwi”, a Poem by a ‘Dil jala’ Husband

Jokes in Urdu : "Meri Piyari Biwi", a Poem by a 'Dil jala' Husband - Husband & Wife Jokes

Begum ki Pitaye kay Aadi

Funny Urdu Poem: Begum ki pitaye kay aadi - Funny Urdu Poetry about Begum

Funny Urdu Poetry of Anwar Masood: Tum Bhool Gaye Shayed.Tumhain Yaad Ho Kay Na Yaad Ho 

Funny Urdu Poem by Anwar Masood: "Tum Bhool Gaye Shayed"- Funny Punjabi Poetry by Anwar Masood

 Under the influence of Begum

Funny Urdu Poem: Under the influence of Begum - Funny Urdu Poetry about Begum

Habib Jalib: Farangi ka jo mein Darban hota 

Funny Urdu Poem by Habib Jalib: Farangi ka jo mein Darban hota - Funny Urdu Poetry

Muflassi (Poverty) ki Dhoop

Funny Urdu Poem: Muflassi (Poverty) ki dhoop - Funny Urdu Poetry about Begum

 Ghar Basanay kay Liye ‘Dou Bole’

Funny Urdu Poem: Ghar basanay kay liye dou bole - Funny Urdu Poetry about Begum

Mistake of Calling Her Old

Funny Urdu Poem: Mistake of calling the wife old - Funny Urdu Poetry about Begum

Scolding of Servant by Begum

Funny Urdu Poem: Scolding of Servant by Begum - Funny Urdu Poetry about Begum

“Aye Watan kay Sajeelay Siasat Dano”

Funny Urdu Poem - "Aye Watan kay Sajeelay siasat dano (politicians)" - Funny Urdu Poetry

“Uss ka Rishta na honay ka Baais uss ka Abba tha”. Funny poetry by Khalid Masood Khan.

Funny Urdu Poem -"Uss ka rishta na honay ka baais uss ka abba tha" (Khalid Masood Khan)

32 Chalee Gai

Funny Urdu Poems of Pakistan: 32 Challee Gai. Pakistan funny Urdu poetry.

Bara-e-Farokht (For Sale)

Funny Poetry in Urdu - Bara-e-Farokht (For Sale)

Wife Has Gone to Pakistan

Funny Urdu Poems of Pakistan: 'Biwi Pakistan Gai Hai'. Funny Urdu Poetry of Pakistan

‘Shikwa-e-Shohar’ (Husband’s ‘Shikwa’)

Funny Urdu Poem of Pakistan:'Shikwa-e-Shohar' (Husband's 'Shikwa'). funny Urdu poetry of Pakistan.

Begum Makes Him Murgha

Funny Urdu Poem of Pakistan: 'Jab say Begum nay mujhay Murgha bana rakha hai'. Funny poetry of Pakistan.

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  1. Wonderful poems, especially the last one.

  2. Malik Ahtisham says:

    Awesome poetry!!

  3. Muhammad Asif Ali says:

    Beautiful poem by Dr. Iqbal Sahab (Lab Pey Aati Hai Dua Ban Key Tamanna Meri Zindagi Shamma Ki Soorat Ho Khuda Ya Meri) can be read here:
    beautiful quotes by dr. iqbal sahab

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  8. Jub hum nay parah to hamari bhi 32 chali gaye!!!

  9. Marium Gul says:

    So nice poetry that suited to our corrupt politicians.

  10. junaid iqbal says:

    Mein nay iss ko achay tareeqay say parha hai, yeh fazool poetry hai.

  11. Wasiq Akram says:

    Mein nay iss ko full fun say parha!!

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    Zabardast jee!!

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    Very funny!!!

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    Wah jee, maza aa gaya. Aye hondi aye poetry!

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    Hahaha!! Jab hum ya parhnay lagye tou hamari bhi 32 challi gaye.

  18. Nice and cute. I really enjoyed, it’s awesome!!

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    Beautiful poetry, I like it!!!

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    Very good poetry.

  22. Very nice poetry.

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    Kamal ki mazahiya shairi hai!!

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    Kamal ho gaya aye Paah Jee!!

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