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This page contains Urdu funny poetry. The collection of funny poetry in Urdu is really hilarious. Enjoy these funny Urdu poems and Mazahia Shayari. Keep visiting this page from time to time as more Urdu funny poetry will be added.

‘Mein Payar Likhti Rahi woh Payaz Parhta Raha’

Funny Poetry in Urdu: Mein Payar Likhti Rahi woh Payaz Parhta Raha - Funny Urdu Poetry

Turki ba Turki

 Funny Urdu Poetry - 'Turki ba Turki' between married couple - Funny Poetry in Urdu

Hilarious Poetry in Urdu: Vakhri Type ka Aashiq

Urdu Funny Poetry - Vakhri Type ka Aashiq - Mazahiya Shayari

Funny Poem in Urdu – “Allah Rakhi”

Funny Poetry in Urdu : 'Allah Rakhi' - Urdu Funny Poetry

“Meri Piyari Biwi”, a Poem by a ‘Dil jala’ Husband

Urdu Mazahiya Shayari : "Meri Piyari Biwi", Poem by 'Dil jala' Husband - Urdu Funny Poetry

Mazahiya Shayari: ‘Begum ki Pitaye kay Aadi’

Urdu Funny Poetry: Begum ki pitaye kay aadi - Mazahiya Shayari in Urdu

Funny Urdu Poetry: Tum Bhool Gaye Shayed.Tumhain Yaad Ho Kay Na Yaad Ho . Funny poetry in Urdu by renowned poet Anwar Masood. He is famous for his hilarious poetry in Urdu and Punjabi.

Funny Urdu Poetry by Anwar Masood: "Tum Bhool Gaye Shayed"- Mazahiya Shayari in Urdu

 Funny Poetry Urdu: Under the influence of Begum

Urdu Funny Poetry: Under the influence of Begum - Funny Poetry in Urdu about Wife

Urdu Funny Poetry: Farangi ka jo mein Darban hota. This Mazahiya Shayari is by the famous revolutionary poet Habib Jalib. The great Faiz Ahmed Faiz tributes him by mentioning him as ‘the poet of the masses’.

Funny Urdu Poem by Habib Jalib: Farangi ka jo mein Darban hota - Urdu Funny Poetry

Funny Poetry in Urdu: Muflassi (Poverty) ki Dhoop

Urdu Funny Urdu Poetry: Muflassi (Poverty) ki dhoop - Mazahiya Shayari in Urdu

 Mazahiya Shayari in Urdu: Ghar Basanay kay Liye ‘Dou Bole’

Hilariuos Urdu Poetry : Ghar basanay kay liye dou bole - Urdu Mazahiya Shayari

Urdu Funny Poetry: Mistake of Calling Her Old

Funny Urdu Poem: Mistake of calling the wife old - Mazahiya Shayari Urdu


Funny Poetry in Urdu: Scolding of Servant by Begum

Urdu Funny Poem : Scolding of Servant by Begum - Funny Poetry in Urdu

Urdu Mazahiya Shayari: “Aye Watan kay Sajeelay Siasat Dano”

Funny Urdu Poem - "Aye Watan kay Sajeelay siasat dano (politicians)" - Funny Urdu Poetry

“Uss ka Rishta na honay ka Baais uss ka Abba tha”. Funny Urdu poetry by Khalid Masood Khan.

Urdu Funny Poetry -"Uss ka rishta na honay ka baais uss ka abba tha" (Khalid Masood Khan)

Urdu Funny Poetry: ’32 Chalee Gai’

Funny Urdu Poem about Load Shedding : 32 Challee Gai - Mazahiya Shayari Urdu

Urdu Funny Poetry: Bara-e-Farokht (For Sale)

Funny Poetry in Urdu - Bara-e-Farokht (For Sale) - Urdu Mazahiya Shayari

Funny Urdu Poetry: Wife Has Gone to Pakistan

Funny Urdu Poem : 'Biwi Pakistan Gai Hai' - Mazahiya Shayari in Urdu

‘Shikwa-e-Shohar’ (Husband’s ‘Shikwa’)

Funny Urdu Poem Pakistan:'Shikwa-e-Shohar' (Husband's 'Shikwa') -Funny Poems in Urdu

Begum Makes Him Murgha

Funny Urdu Poem : 'Jab say Begum nay mujhay Murgha bana rakha hai'.- Funny Urdu poetry


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