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It is a vast collection of very funny photos for all ages. An old adage says, “A picture is worth a thousand words” but these extremely funny pictures are worthless. You will find a cool collection of funny photos in this page.

Cheapest, rather free, ‘Tummy Supporter’

Funny Pictures : Cheapest 'Tummy Supporter' - Funny Photos, Images

‘Bottal Wali Sarkar’

Funny Photos : 'Bottal Wali Sarkar', Coke Bottle in Pocket - Funny Pics, Images

‘Mein Barri ho ker XLI Banoo gi’

Funny Photos, Funny Images : Suzuki FX says 'Mein Barri ho ker XLI banoun gi' - Funny Pics

Attested Photo from Back

Funny Pictures : Attested Photo from the Back - Funny Photos

“Kambakht Potty” (Bloody Shit)

Funny Pictures, Images : "Kambakht Potty" (Bloody Shit) - Funny Photos

“Namaz Apni Jagah, Cell Phone Charging Apni Jagah” 

Funny Pictures : Cell Phone charging during Namaz - Funny Photos

A Bear Trainer and the Huge Bear in a Small Qingqi Rickshaw in Multan. Photo taken by Nasir Khan.

Pakistan Funny Pics: A huge bear in a Qingqi Rickshaw - Funny Photos

“Himmat Naswar” from Swat; a Tonic for Computer Addicts

Funny Photos Pakistan - Himaat naswar from Swat - Funny Pictures, Image

Rally against Lotas (Turncoats). ‘Mujhey toilet mein rehnay dou, Parliament ki zeenat na banao’.

Pakistan Funny Pictures : Rally against Lotas (Turncoats) - Funny Photos

Searching for Clothes? This baby has a few clothes only. He will dress up only after he finds his clothes from this washing load.

Funny Pictures : A naked baby searching for clothes in a washing machine - Funny Photos


She Loves Quaid-e-Azam. Her hobby (or probably his dad’s) is to collect photos of Quaid-e-Azam.

Pakistan Funny Pictures - Baby who loves currency notes - Funny Photos, Image

Love Forever. The old lady still love her ‘old man’.

Funny Pictures : Old lady kissing her husband - Funny Photos, Images

One of Them Was a Surprise. The ‘surprise’ baby is giggling while the ‘planned’ baby is just smiling.

Funny Pictures : Twins, planned & surprise - Funny Photos

Latest Gourmet Item? Is it a latest novelty from Gourmet? Or is it a baby stroller, Pakistani style?

Pakistani Funny Pictures : Baby in Gourmet Sweets shopping bag - Funny Photos

Tipsy Crow. Must be thirsty as well?

Funny Pictures : Crow tries to open empty wine bottle - Funny Photos

A Cobbler’s Hospital for ‘Injured’ Shoes

Pakistani Funny Pictures : A cobbler's 'Hospital' for 'Injured' Shoes - Funny Photos

Funny Photos: Bahauddin Zakariya University, D.G. Khan Campus. Two donkeys standing in the porch facing in opposite direction to each other.

Pakistani Funny Pictures : Donkeys at Bahauddin Zakariya University, D.G.Khan Campus - Funny Photos

No Smoking Area. The No Smoking will be strictly enforced when the sign is properly displayed at its position. By that time the cigarette of this worker will also finish. So no violation of law has been committed here.

Funny Pictures : No smoking area - Funny Photos, Images

Only in Pakistan

Pakistani Funny Pictures : A woman motorcyclist - Funny Photos & Image

Dog Cart. He has a good dog cart.

Pakistani Funny Pictures : A boy with his dog-cart - Funny Photos, Image

Only in Afghanistan. It is possible in Pakistan too.

Funny Pictures : Cars loaded on top of a bus - Funny Photos, Images

Funny Photos: Seven ‘Kojaks’Probably they are going to receive some Haji (See ‘Hajj Mubarik’ written on the wall) and want to welcome with a clean shaven head. Or may be it is to have some respite in hot weather? In no case, it is for economic reasons. The family is not poor, they have their own tractor as well. You can also spot a future ‘Boom Boom Afridi ‘with a cricket bat & a ball in his hand.

Pakistani Funny Pictures : Seven children with shaven heads - Pakistan Funny Photos

Funny Photos: Wise Tailor. Though he is not an MBA but he knows the marketing skills. He alters the trouser and shirt of your elder brother/ father for you.

Pakistani Funny Pics : A Wise tailor - Funny Photos from Pakistan

Mama! Every striped item is his mama. Little zebra says ‘Mama’ to the lines of zebra crossing.

Funny Pictures : Little zebra at Zebra Crossing - Funny Photos, Images

An Organized Bijli Chore

Pakistani Funny Pictures : An organised electricity thief - Funny Photos, Image

Worried Animal. Even this donkey is worried about Pakistani nation’s future.

Pakistani Funny Pictures : Donkey worried about country's future - Funny Photos

How Does a Shaven Cat Look LikeHow horrible a cat looks after her hair are shaved off.

Funny Pictures : A shaven cat look like? - Funny Photos and Images

Definition of Pakistan. Did you know this definition before?

Pakistani Funny Pictures : Definition of Pakistan, Haseena Beauty Parlour - Funny Photos

Funny Photos: Thank You for Driving Carefully. If this is the state of careful driving, then imagine how horrible can be an unsafe driving?

Funny Pictures : Thank you for driving carefully - Funny Photos & Images

Funny Photos: Pakistani Steel ‘Helmet’. Making fool of the law. They have short cut for every thing.

Pakistani Funny Pics : 'Helmet' of Lahori motorcyclist - Funny Photos from Pakistan

Beware All Married MenThe wife is thinking “When is he coming home? 2300 hrs, 2400 hrs, 0200 hrs or 0400 hrs?” See the last item.

Funny Pictures : A wife's weapons for husband who comes late - Funny Photos

Another Wife’s Weapons for Husband Coming Late/Drunk/with Lipstick Marks. Just observe the last weapon, it is in case some lipstick marks are found.

Funny Pictures : A wife's weapons for drunk husband - Funny Photos, Images








Funny Photos: Cows Outside Lakme Beauty Studio. Here come the ‘genuine’ customers.

Funny Pictures : Cows outside Lakme Beauty Studio - Funny Photos & Images

Funny Photos: Is it a Toilet Park? Yes, it is.

Funny Pictures : A Toilet Park - Funny Photos and funny Images

Funny Photos: Brilliant Idea–Aik Teer Dou Shikaar. Height of economy. The drained water of an air conditioner is efficiently being used in a Desert Cooler.

Funny Pictures : Air Conditioner's water goes into desert water cooler - Funny Photos

Funny Photos: New ATM in Town

Funny Pictures : A new ATM in town - Funny Photos, funny Images

Funny Photos: Tattoo of the Year

Funny Pictures : Tattoo of the year - Funny Photos, funny Images, funny Pics

A Civil Engineer’s Marriage

Funny Pictures : A civil engineer's marriage - Funny Photos, Images and Pics

Funny Photos: Buying McDonald’s on Horse Cart

Funny Pictures : Buying McDonald’s on Horse Cart - Funny Photos & funny Images


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