Naughty Kids Jokes in Urdu & Punjabi

Naughty Kids Jokes.

Naughty children are very lively members of every family who are always a source of happiness for all the family members. Whenever one feels depressed, the children make him/her cheerful with their mischief and innocent pranks. It’s a nice collection of naughty kids jokes. These funny jokes for children are packed with fun and will entertain and make the readers laugh. Which is your kids’ favourite joke? Please share it with the other readers by writing in the Comment Box at the end of this Post.

Naughty Kid and the Shopkeeper

Funny Jokes in Urdu : Naughty Kid and the Shopkeeper - Naughty Kids Jokes

Teacher asks student to Recite Complete ABC

Urdu Jokes : Teacher asks student to sing ABC - Naughty Kids Jokes in Urdu

Chota sa ‘Get Together’

Urdu Jokes : Chota sa 'Get Together' - Naughty Kids Jokes in Urdu

Pappoo’s ‘Advice’ to His Mother

Kids Jokes in Urdu : Mehmanoun ka Takkallaf - Naughty Kids Jokes

There’s a World ‘Outside’ too

Kids Jokes in Punjabi - "Bahir bhi aik Dunya hai" - Naughty Kids Jokes


Cheenk kyoun aati hai?

Children Jokes in Punjabi - "Cheenk kyoun aati hai?" - Naughty Kids Jokes

Distractions in Studies

Naughty Children Jokes : Distractions in Studies - Naughty Kids Jokes in Urdu

‘Mama! Papa per Dhayaan Do’

Naughty Children Jokes - 'Papa per dhayaan do'- Naughty Kids Jokes in Urdu

Rang Gora karnay wali Kareem”

 Naughty Children Jokes in Punjabi - Rung Gora karnay wali Kareem - Naughty Children Jokes

Funny Leave Application of a Kindergarten Student

Urdu Jokes: Funny Leave application of a KG student - Naughty Kids Jokes

Teacher asks full name of a Student 

Naughty Kids Jokes - Sheeda Bandri is my full name - Naughty Kids Humour in Urdu

Innocent Threat to a Thief 

Naughty Kids Jokes - Innocent threat to a thief - Naughty Kids Jokes in Punjabi

Wrong NumberNaughty Kids Jokes.

Naughty Kids Jokes in Urdu - Wrong Number - Naughty Children Jokes

Teacher asks the Kid about his Objective of Life

Naughty Kids Jokes - Kid's Aim in Life - Naughty Children Jokes in Urdu

A Student Applies for Leave for Attending His Grandfather’s MarriageNaughty Kids Jokes.

Naughty Kids Jokes in Urdu - Naughty student applies for leave - Naughty Children Jokes

A Kid’s Explanation for Using Indecent Language in the Class . This naughty kid seems to be very observant about the language used by his dad when the car does not start.

Naughty Kids Jokes - Kid's explanation for using abusive language - Naughty Children Jokes

Kid to Father, “Aap Nay Aisi Zalam Balaa Kaisay Pakri?”

Naughty Kids Jokes in Urdu - Kid gets beating from his mom - Naughty Children Jokes

“Aunty, Ammi Nay Cheeni Munggawai Hai”. It’s true that ‘Bachay ghair-siyasi hotau hain’.

Naughty Kids Jokes - Kid gets sugar from Neighbour - Naughty Children Jokes in Urdu

Naughty Kids Jokes: Principal Asks the Student, “Why are you late?”

Naughty Kids Jokes in Urdu - Principal asks the student Why he was late - Naughty Children Jokes

Nursery School Teacher Helps Kid Wearing His Shoes. Naughty Kids Jokes.

NaughtyKidsJokes : Teacher helps naughty kid wearing shoes - Naughty Kids Jokes


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