Facebook Jokes & Cartoons (in English)

Deactivated Facebook Account 

Jokes about Facebook - Deactivated Facebook account - Facebook Humour & Cartoons

Facebook Fever

Jokes about Facebook - 5,000 Mosquitoes 'LIKE' it - Facebook Humour and Facebook Cartoons

 Life Outside of Facebook

Jokes about Facebook - Life Outside of Facebook - Facebook Humour and Facebook Cartoons

A Young Facebook Addict

‘Et tu, Brute’? (‘You too, Brutus?’)

Robbery Plan Posted on Facebook

You May Update Your Facebook Status

A Bigger Turnout Was Expected

Facebook Manners. Do you have good Facebook manners? Timmy and Alice don’t. Watch their bad behavior to learn the Dos and Don’ts of Facebook breakups.

Facebook: Female Vs Male

These Must be the Male Fish


It Will be On Facebook Tomorrow

Even Animals are Addicted to Facebook

Facebook Profile Picture

Facebook Rehab Centre

Last Wish

Hotel Facebook

Once You Enter Facebook, There’s No Exit

1000 Like This

Philospher Ka Bachaa

Facebook: Friend Request

Don’t Write it on Facebook Either

Facebook is Risky

You Don’t Have to Like Me

Life is Like Facebook

Facebook in the Kitchen

Addicted to Facebook, not to Drugs

Want to Make Money from Facebook?


Social Cigarettes

Anti-Facebook Tablets

Like This?

Facebook, People More Prone to Click “Like”

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