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Funny bumper stickers and funny car stickers are a very common sight on the roads of most Western countries. Pakistan doesn’t lag behind in this field too. One can see extremely humorous writings & slogans on rickshaws, cars, vans, trucks and buses. Here is an extremely humorous collection of such writings under the title; ‘Transport Nama’. In addition to funny bumper stickers, this segment also has some other funny photos related to transport.

 “Status Ko Choro Sahib”-Drivers Know All the Secrets. Some weightage must be given to drivers’ statement.

Funny Urdu poetry and slogans on rickshaws, trucks, cars in Pakistan- Funny bumper stickers on trucks and rickshaws.'Status ko choro Sahib'

Nation is SleepingRickshaw wala should try to blow the horn loud, he will surely find the nation still in a drunken stupor.

Funny Urdu poetry and slogans on rickshaws, trucks, cars in Pakistan-Funny bumper stickers on trucks and rickshaws. "Horn ahista bajain Quam so rahi hai"

Jab Chali Apno ki Gurdan Per Chali

Funny Urdu poetry and slogans on rickshaws in Pakistan - Jab chali apno ki gurdan per chali- Funny bumper stickers on rickshaws.Transport Nama

Once I Make a Commitment…..

Funny Urdu poetry and slogans on rickshaws, trucks, cars in Pakistan-Funny bumper stickers on trucks and rickshaws."Commitment"

A Fan of Bruce Lee. This rickshaw driver likes martial arts and he is fond of Bruce Lee. The painter has though misspelled the name of famous actor of 1970s as Brus Lee.

I Miss My Miss. Good luck to him. He will find his ‘Miss’ one day travelling in his rickshaw.

Rickshaw Owned by a Sub Inspector of Police

Aik Baar Aa Ja- Akhri Darshan

Bashir Rickshaw Wala. Just pay him Rs. 500. Don’t get fleeced. Why does Bashir charge so much on his CNG powered rickshaw?

New Trend. Or it is a matter of affordability? Or just a photo shoot?

Entire Pakistan is ThinkingFunny but sadly true. This Rickshaw guy always speaks the truth.

All These Leaders, 2 Annas. Isn’t their rate still very high? I can spare only one paisa but the coin is no more in circulation.

Seeking Answer from Chief Minister. I don’t think he has any answer. By he way, Gas is a federal concern, not a Provincial matter.

Will Become Corolla When Grow Up. Hasn’t he grown up yet?

‘Mehngai’ (Dearness). He always speaks the truth.

Jheenga La La Pakistan. He is some budget expert.

Help Affectees of Load-Shedding

Sarriya Na Kar Chanda

Air Conditioned Rickshaw. Genuine idea?

 Women’s Rights Bill

Tay Hunn Assi Kone Ho Gayye?

Extremely Funny slogans on rickshaws in Pakistan: Tay hunn assi kone ho gayye? - Funny stickers on rickshaws

DHA ‘Face’ 1. This motor cycle was spotted on 18 Dec 2014 at the parking of Askari Bank, DHA Phase 2, Islamabad. The bank guard informed that it belongs to the cleaner of the Bank, who probably performs his job in the branch of Phase 1 as well. Photo contributed by ZH Malik.

Funny Urdu poetry and slogans on motor cycles in Pakistan - DHA 'Face' 1 - Funny bumper stickers

I Am Khan A-1 Naswar. Photo captured at Jail Road, Lahore by Tahir Iqbal.

Extremely Funny slogans on motor cycles in Pakistan: I am Khan A-1 Naswar - Funny stickers on  motor bikes

Cast Your Vote Wisely

Funny slogams on transport - cast your vote wisely - Funny Sticker on motor cycle

Jilted by His Beloved and Victimized by Electricity Shortage. He was already sad because his beloved betrayed him. Now he is fed up of hide and seek of electricity.

Pyar Tay Karan, Per Tankhawa Bari Thori Aye 

Funny Urdu poetry and slogans on motorcycle:"Pyar tay karan, per tankhawa bari thori aye" - Funny bumper stickers on motorcycles in Pakistan - Transport Nama

A Decorated Scooter

Matric Fail, Because of Girls. Why blame girls? Did the girls also fail in matriculation examination?

Frustrated Citizen, at Charing Cross, Lahore

Search This Taxi Driver’s Book on Google. Taxi driver Asif Hussain Shah has really written a book titled ‘For Hire’. Please see the short video just after this photo.

Book ‘For Hire’ Written by Asif Hussain Shah. Please see the short video.

Kissi Bewafa Kay Liyye. ‘Kissi bewafa kay liyye Taxi chala raha hoon.’ Zakhmi Naeem.

A Case of Discrimination. For the obvious reason, WAPDA has been deliberately omitted from this greeting message for the Independence Celebration.

I Have Gud Brakes, Do U Have Gud Insurance?

Funny slogans on cars in Pakistan - I have gud brakes, Do u have gud insurance? - Funny stickers on cars - Transport Nama

A Decorated Jeep. The guy’s moustaches are equally decorated. ‘Shauq da koi mull nahi honda.’

Deedar-e-Shauq Chakwalian Da. Written on a decorated Suzuki Van.

Funny Urdu poetry and slogans on Vans - "Deedar-e-shauq Chakwalian da" written on a decorated Suzuki Van - Funny bumper stickers on Vans in Pakistan - Transport Nama

Aaj Kal Ki Larkian. Girls of past were also proud of their beauty. So why crib about girls of today? Or may be the complaint is against their speaking in English, though not good at reading?

Qatal Ker Do Per Mohabat Na Kerna. The actual one was “veena uka kho meena ma ka” which means “khoon ker do per mohabat na kerna“.  Here this wagon chap has shown his knowledge of law by replacing ‘Qatal’ with 302 (Dafa 302 is offence of murder punishable by death).

Mind Your Spellings

Another Spelling ‘Murder’

Height of Overloading-Only in Pakistan. Is it Corolla or Datsun? I have counted 28 people included the driver. Am I right? The front seat next to driver is empty, it can easily accommodate 3 more persons.

‘Nadaan Bulbul’

A Tractor in F-11 Sector, Islamabad.  This tractor is neither allowed to enter Motorway, nor is fit for the Motorway but the owner has still written on it: “Motorway Police Zindabad.”  Why? Because it is our national psyche to flatter any superior authority. The slogan: Brake bewafa hai, race lagana chorh day”is quite funny.  For seeing a bigger size photo, please click this photo. Another small version will appear, click that and a bigger photo will appear. Photo contributed by Mian Adam Khan.

Funny Urdu poetry and slogans on tractors, rickshaws, trucks, cars, buses in Pakistan-  A tractor in F-11 Sector, Islamabad - Funny bumper stickers on trucks and rickshaws.Transport Nama

Written on a Tractor Trolley: “Lang ja, tay chabal koi na marin”

Funny Urdu poetry and slogans on tractors in Pakistan - Written on a tractor trolley; "Lang ja, tay chabal koi na marin" - Funny bumper stickers on tractos - Transport Nama

Written on the Back of a Bus: ‘Khoon kay Rishtay’

Bodla Transport, ‘Payyar Ka Bandhan

Written on a Bus;  Naseebon Wali

Funny Urdu poetry and slogans on buses in Pakistan - Written on a bus, "Naseebon wali" - Funny bumper stickers on buses - Transport Nama

Na ro Bacha! Mein doodh lay ker aye”

Funny Writing on trucks in Pakistan - "Na ro Bacha! Mein doodh lay ker aye" - Funny truck slogans in Urdu

Truck wala who drinks LASSI to forget his lover

Funny Poetry on trucks in Pakistan - Truck wala who drinks LASSI to forget his lover - Funny truck writings/slogans in Urdu

Funny Writing on a Truck. “Rull tay gaye aan, per chuss aa gai aye.” Muqadir ka Sikandar.

funny writing on a Pakistani truck. Rull tay gaye aan, per chuss aa gai aye. Muqadir ka Sikandar

Written on a Truck, “Dil Lay Ja Nikki Jae Haan Kar Kay”. This pic was taken on Islambad Highway near PWD Housing Society on 20 Nov 2013. Photo contributed by Rashid Zia Cheema.
Also read the Punjabi couplet, “Na khaid muqadaraan di na chakkar nassibaan da, Paisay walay lay gaye sajjan ghareebaan da”.
There is yet another couplet below the number plate. Can someone read it?

Funny bumper stickers on trucks in Pakistan - Written on a truck, "Dil lay ja nikki jae haan kar kay" - Transport Nama

‘Gori’ of Mehmood Shah Kazmi

He Thinks People are MadKabhi aao Na Mardan Khushboo Laga Kay.

Written on a Truck; Jab tak zar luttao gay 

Funny Urdu poetry and slogans on trucks in Pakistan -  Written on a truck, "Jab tak zar luttao gay" - Funny bumper stickers on trucks - Transport Nama

‘Aye Niqaab Walay’. ‘ Aye niqaab walay! niqaab ka kia faida? Ankhain tou nazar aa rahi hain, honte chupanay ka kia faida?’

Heart for Sale–Written on a Truck

‘Waqt nay aik Baar phir Dulhan Bana Diyya’

Dangeroooos Goods

Keep Distance

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