Funny British Pakistani Jokes

British Pakistani Jokes.

It’s a small but very interesting collection of funny British Pakistani Jokes. These hilarious jokes are about British Pakistani residents, and will surely make your day. This page is continually being updated and more ‘British Pakistani Jokes’ are added. So, please bookmark this page and keep visiting it to enjoy more hilarious jokes.
These jokes should be taken in a positive spirit, these are not meant to hurt the feelings of any community. Similarly ‘ABCD’ (American-Born Confused Desi) is a term used to refer to South Asian Americans born and raised in the United States.
Visitors of this page are also requested to share their jokes which should be decent ones. Jokes containing obscene language will not be published here.

A Lahori in London

Funny British Pakistani Jokes - Lahori in London - British Pakistanis Humour

Lonely Man sitting on a Bench in Hyde Park

Funny British Pakistani Jokes - Man sitting in Hyde Park - British Pakistanis Humour

Some Kaathay Angraiz in Great Britain

Funny British Pakistani Jokes - Kaathay Angraiz - British Pakistanis Humour

Pappoo’s Dress for Halloween

Funny British Pakistani Jokes - Pappoo's Halloween Dress - British Pakistanis Humour

Saraiki Young Man in Dance Party

Old Man in Night Club

Funny British Pakistani Jokes - Old Man in Night Club - British Pakistanis Humour

Ready-to-eat Organic Roasted Chestnuts

Funny British Pakistani Jokes - Organic Roasted Chestnuts - British Pakistanis Humour

English Medium Wife Making Snacks during Rain. Funny British Pakistani Jokes.

Funny British Pakistani Jokes - English Medium Wife - British Pakistanis Humour

Kid’s ‘Extreme Love’ for his Grandmother 

Funny British Pakistani Jokes - Kid's 'Love' for Grandmother - British Pakistanis Humour

Chaudhry Sahib on Honeymoon in England

Funny British Pakistani Jokes - Honeymoon in England - British Pakistanis Humour

Wife Attends English Speaking Course

Funny British Pakistani Jokes - English Speaking Course - British Pakistanis Humour

Surprise Dish for Husband. Funny British Pakistani Jokes to make your day.

Funny British Pakistani Jokes - Surprise Dish for Husband - British Pakistanis Humour

Husband’s ‘Headache’ is Away. Funny British Pakistani Jokes; Very Funny jokes about British Pakistani residents to make your day.

Funny British Pakistani Jokes - Husband's 'Headache' - British Pakistanis Humour

Gift for Husband’s Birthday

Funny British Pakistani Jokes - Gift for Husband's Birthday - British Pakistanis Humour

Cinema Tickets for Unwanted Guests. Funny British Pakistani Jokes.

Funny British Pakistani Jokes - Unwanted Guests - British Pakistanis Humour

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