Funny Answer Sheets (in Urdu)

Mangla and Tarbela Dams are Built on Which Rivers?

Funny Exam Answer Sheets: Mangla and Tarbela Dams are built on which rivers? - Funny Answer Sheets

Jaysa Karo Gay Waysa Bharo Gay 

Pakistan Studies Exam Paper. Elaborate outline of Islamic Welfare Democratic State. Pakistan Studies Exam Paper, Elaborate outline of Islamic democratic welfare state - Funny answer sheet

Essay on a Poor Family

Funny answer sheets - Essay on a Poor family written by a rich kid

Pakistan Bananay May Quaid-e-Azam Ka Kitna Bara Haath Tha?

Make Sentences from These Idioms

Write a Note on Human Heart, with Diagram

Throw Light on Sir Syed’s Role in Aligarh Movement

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan Kay Karnaamay

Write an Essay on “Barsaat ka Din”

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  1. Danyal Behlim says:

    Well each child is unique, we still hold the same educational system given by the British to produce clerks with good memorization techniques. The Teachers have to play the encouragement role

  2. FARAH KHAN says:

    It is very unpleasant. Is this the future of Pakistan? Every student should think that they are future of Pakistan like me.

    • Muhammad Zeeshan says:

      Abb aisa tou na kaho. :(

    • Stop praising yourself and learn to admire the students’ sense of humor but you lack it so you wouldn’t even know what she is trying to do here. like u ? ya Right!!!

  3. Sarra Haseen says:

    Sir Syed Khan kay barey mein itna sub ktuch jananey pay sharm aani chahye. :)

  4. Adnan Cheema says:

    wow! how funny!

  5. Sami Raja says:

    I have enjoyed these funny answers.

  6. Shahbaz Ahmad says:

    How genius are in look.

  7. Jannat Khan says:

    Bewaqoofee ki bhi koi hadd hoti hai.

  8. Farisha says:

    Height of nalaeqi but so funny, Hahahaha!!

  9. Rimjim Dar says:

    Wow! Bohut achaa tareeqa hai paper denay ka. Full marks!! hahhaha :)

  10. Ch. Abdul Qudoos says:

    Very funny jokes and these students are genious.

  11. Zahra Syed says:

    These are only jokes…why you guys criticize them?

  12. Daud Gujjar says:

    Wow!! What a brain of students!

  13. Hahahaahahha very funny!!

  14. Areeba Bashir says:

    Good ones haaaaaaaaa.

  15. Nimra Ayub says:

    So nice collection & very funny.

  16. Tahira Aliya says:

    Very nice and very funny!! Laikin Yeh koun say school Kay students hain?
    Kaya iss website may koi video hai ya nahi?
    How can I check all the jokes from this site?

  17. Tayeba Hash says:

    Very very nice!!

  18. Israr Ahmed says:

    It is very funny collection.

  19. Ashir Ali says:

    This Post is very funny.

  20. Sadia Ghaffar says:

    Hahahahhahaah nice jokes!!

  21. Yeh kahin meray bachun kay papers tou nahi? Lagta tou kuch essa hi hai!!!!!

  22. Waleed Asghar says:

    Hahahahahaha!! Good one.

  23. Koi baat nahi, aisa hota hai school life mein. Don’t be upset from these bloody comments. It is a good post.

  24. Hassaan (Canada) says:

    Come on! every one. This is just a joke, no offence meant: “Yeh Pakistan ki asli haalat hi hai. Wow! Pakistani! aisay hi lagay raho, tum zaroor kamiab ho gay.”

  25. Wah, wah!! Very nice. This shows real talent of Pakistani students. Aisay hee rehna, kabhi bhool kay bhi tarraqi ki taraf qadam na barha lena.

  26. Arshad says:

    Wonderful and bright future of Pakistan and these students will lead the country later on with pride.

  27. Mehmud Ahmed (Brampton, Canada) says:

    All these students will get into DMO group because their qualifications are of no use to specialised services like medical (of course, except Vets), industrial, business and engineering cannot benefit from them.

  28. Nazim Ali says:

    How can I post a picture on this website? Please reply.

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