Flies Have a Cure

In the past, some scientists proved that our greatest Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) told us about. A cure in the wings of flies. This confirms the truth of our prophet’s words.

A couple of years ago, an atheist following: “How do you think Muslims that only birds that carry diseases, can carry a cure? How do you dip a fly in the liquid and then drink it? This action is illogical, and definitely something a wise person would never have done. “

In fact, I did not know how to argue against what he said, it is in nature an atheist to believe in the materialistic and not the super-natural. Thus, the only tangible physical evidence good enough for an atheist.Tests carried out by Muslims is not good enough, why was it necessary for me to wait until we got the scientific facts from the West.

Since the beginning of the 20th Century, a number of experiments performed to determine if the ability to produce antibiotics from insects, surprisingly found an Australian doctor that this is possible. Dr. “Joan Clark” found that flies containing antibiotics under the surface of the body that is threatening to many diseases. In other words, flies carrying the cure for diseases!

Those who researched this was very surprised, and research continued. They found that flies that carry many diseases also carry antibiotics to cure these diseases, which means that they do not become ill or die as a result.

This is logical because the fly has many harmful bacteria on the outside of the body, in order to survive, it must also carry anti-bacterial substances. These substances, God has added to the flies in order to protect them from viruses and diseases.

Surprisingly enough, the researchers also found that the best way to release these vital substances is to dip the fly in the water! Because these substances are concentrated on the outer surface of the fly’s body and wing.

This information was not known until a few years back, when it was discussed by Western scholars, even those were amazed, because this was something new and strange to them as well. The following is an excerpt of an article based on previous studies:

“The surface of flies is the last place you would expect to find antibiotics.”

These days, Russian doctors try to develop treatments using flies. they observed that flies contain many substances that can be more effective using behandlign than traditional medications. The doctors claim that this new treatment will lead to a revolution in medicine’s world.

Scientists believe that birds carry many types of bacteria, viruses, and pathogenic microbes. But at the same time agents that work against the pathogenic and the best way to recover these biological substances from the fly is to dip it in liquid. Scientists had never expected to find disease and antidote in the same creature; Fly! The only question that remains is whether this is what the Prophet Muhammad Alaihi Wasallam said Sallahu?

Now we have two scientific evidence:

1 – The surface of flies consists of antibiotics that kill bacteria and viruses.

2 – The best way to extract (get out) these drugs is to dip the fly in the liquid.

Sallahu Alaihi Wasallam Prophet spoke of these two factors in a speech in which he said:

“If any of you learned to get a fly in your drink their dip it before you remove it. Because one of the wings bears the disease and the other antidote ‘”  (Sahih Bukhari)

This is a noble calling to humanity not to throw food like flies end up in. It keeps dipping the fly so the release of the anti-bacterial substances. Many atheists who doubted strongly advised Alaihi Wasallam Sallahu Prophet, hear today from their own learned the same words without thinking.

Entomologister certify their latest research, that there is very little difference between a human and a fly-heart! biggest similarity is that both have heart disease as a result of getting older. And it flies well researched in order to produce cardiac medications. Thus, flies have two cures!

Professor Juan Alvarez Bravo at the University of Tokyo, said: “The last one can accept the flies in a hospital! But soon we will witness a rapid treatment for many diseases, which consists of extracts from flies.

There are also some researchers in the U.S. dedicated to finding new treatments using flies. And they confirm that treatment with the use of flies is scientifically accepted in the near future.

A few months ago did some researchers at Auburn University to find a protein in the fly’s saliva, this protein can accelerate the lengthy process of healing wounds and chronic skin cracking. And not too long ago, declared the researchers at Stanford University that they first found a substance in the fly that can improve the immune system of a human being.

According to Clark, a researcher: “We are there no easy before.”

We are looking for antibiotics places we have never neither easy nor thought of looking. But this and many other scientists forget that the Prophet Alaihi Wasallam Sallahu have told us about the presence of the treatment of disease in the fly’s wing, 1400 years ago!

Mon wonder precision of expression that certainly defines that there is a cure in the fly’s wing, and defines the method for extracting this cure by dipping the fly in water. This expression witness the honesty of our Prophet’s Alaihi Wasallam Sallahu word, and respond at once to those who claim the Prophet’s words, myths, however, every word uttered by true and from the Almighty God.

We ask Almighty God to guide us, give us the knowledge we have good and makes this article for the benefit of all who come across it. Ameen.

 By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel


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