Father Quotes (in English)

Father Quotes.

Father Quotes in English: A Father is the biological male parent of a child. He has a very important role in upbringing of his children. A Father’s company is good for learning things. Every child tries to copy the father and picks up many things from him before going to the school. This Post has an extensive collection of quality Father Quotes in English.

Daddy, Did I ever tell you, you’re my Hero? 

Father Quotes - "Daddy, Did I ever tell you, you're my Hero?" - Dad Quotes & Sayings

Dad: A Son’s First Hero,  A Daughter’s First Love

Father Quotes in English - Dad, a Son's first Hero - Quotes & Sayings about Father

Keep Calm; Happy Father’s Day

 Father Quotes - Say "Happy Father's Day" to your Dad - Quotes for Father

Dad is Someone Special. Yes, it really takes someone special to be a DAD.

Father Quotes in English - It takes someone special to be a Dad - Quotes for Daddy

I Love being Daddy’s Little Girl 

Father Quotes in English - I love being Daddy's little girl - Quotes & Sayings for Father

Dad, you will NEVER be Forgotten 

Father's Day Quotes - " Dad, you will never be forgotten" - Dad Quotes, Father Quotes in English

My Daddy is My King 

Father's Day Quotes - My Father is My King - Dad Quotes & Sayings, Father Quotes in English

Some People don’t Believe in Heroes…..

Father Quotes in English - Some People don't believe in Heroes - Sayings & Quotes about Father

Daddy’s Girl and Mommy’s World

Father Quotes in English - Daddy's Girl and Mommy's world - Sayings & Quotes for Father


It’s an ongoing Joy being a Dad 

Father's Day Quotes - "It's an ongoing Joy being a Dad" - Father Quotes in English

Dad; the Greatest Gift I ever Had

Father Quotes in English - My Dad; the greatest gift I ever had - Sayings & Quotes on Father

My Father was my Teacher

Father Quotes in English - My father was my Teacher - Sayings & Quotes about Father

I can Wrap Daddy around My Fingers

Father Quotes - I can wrap Daddy around my fingers - Dad Quotes & Sayings

Father is Daughter’s first True Love. True, no one can ever replace a father as the LOVE of his daughter’s life. 

Father Quotes, Dad Quotes - Father is Daughter's first True Love - Quotes & Sayings about Father

My Daddy is my Buddy. Every Father is a BUDDY for his kids.

Father Quotes in English - My Daddy is my BUDDY- Sayings and Quotes for Father

Father Quotes: My Father Taught me How to Substitute Realities. A father is the best person to teach lessons about life.

Father Quotes in English - Dad taught me how to substitute Realities - Dad Quotes

Father Quotes: My Father Seems to Get Smarter with Age

Father Quotes - My Father seems to get Smarter - Quotes for Father in English

Father Quotes: Portrait of a Dad. It’s true in most of the cases. 

Father Quotes - Portrait of a Father - Quotes & Sayings about Dad

Every day is a Father’s Day

Father Quotes in English - Every day is a Father's Day - Sayings & Quotes about Father, Dad, daddy

Father Quotes: Father keeps Pictures in his Wallet. A father carries photos in his wallet where his money used to be. 

Happy Father's Day Quotes - Father keeps pictures in his wallet - Father Quotes in English

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