Doctor Jokes (in English)

Funny Doctor Jokes.

Here is a nice collection of clean & decent and extremely Funny Doctor Jokes. These hilarious jokes about doctors will certainly make your day. This medical humor will make both the patients and doctors laugh their hearts out. Certainly, ‘Laughter is the best medicine’. Laughter actually improves one’s health because it decreases the stress which is pretty harmful for the human body, thoughts and behavior.

Urine & Stool Samples

Doctor Humor - Urine & Stool Samples - Funny Doctor Jokes - Medical Jokes

An Apple a Day……..

Doctor Humor - An Apple a Day, Keeps the Doctor away (But not the Cute one) - Funny Doctor Jokes

“My Husband Talks in Sleep”

Doctor Humour - "My Husband Talks in Sleep" - Funny Doctor Jokes - Doctor Jokes at Work

The Patient who Mentioned His Doctor in His Will

Doctor Humor - The Patient mentions his Doctor in his Will - Funny Doctor Jokes - Medical Jokes

A Doctor who fixes Websites

Doctor Humor - A Doctor who fixes Websites - Funny Doctor Jokes - Funny Jokes about the Medical System


“Doctor! My Wife thinks She is a Hen”

Doctor Humour - “Doctor! My wife thinks she is a hen” - Funny Doctor Jokes - Medical Jokes

Funny Doctor Jokes: Man Gets Laxative instead of Cough Syrup

Doctor Humor - Man gets Laxative instead of Cough Syrup - Funny Doctor Jokes - Doctor Jokes at Work

Funny Doctor Jokes: Second Opinion from the Doctor

Doctor Humor - Second opinion from the Doctor - Funny Doctor Jokes - Medical Jokes at Work

Funny Doctor Jokes: Autopsies of Three Dead Bodies
Three dead bodies turn up at the mortuary of a city hospital, all with very big smiles on their faces. After autopsies, the pathologist calls the police to tell them what has happened.
“First body: a professional football player, died of heart failure while taking $ 1 million from a bookie. Hence the enormous smile. ”Second body: a man who won 1st prize in a Lottery draw and died of happiness, hence the smile.”
The police officer asked, “What about the third body?”
“Ah,” says the Pathologist, “this is the most unusual one. John, a farmer from the village, struck by lightning.”
“Why is he smiling then?” inquires the police officer.
“Thought he was having his picture taken.

Funny Doctor Jokes: Pain in the eye of Patient while Drinking Coffee

Doctor Humor - Pain in Patient's eye while drinking Coffee - Funny Doctor Jokes - Medical Jokes

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