“Dil-e-Natwan-o-Jawan” (Young at Heart!)

By Maj Gen Parvez Akmal (Retd), 42nd PMA L/C

Parvez Akmal (PA Lala)

Parvez Akmal (PA Lala)

Editor’s Note: Maj Gen Parvez Akmal retired as Deputy Engineer-in-Chief in 2005; he lives in Rawalpindi. Following his retirement, besides editing two volumes of ‘The History of Karakurram Highway’, authored by Brig (R) Mumtaz Khalid, he has been a free-lance writer for some Urdu and English dailies until 2009. He also writes Urdu and Punjabi poetry, with pen-name “PA Lala”, often with English rendition. Here is his Urdu poem “Dil-e-Natwan-o-Jawan” (Young at Heart!) about jolly good old people. This poem is the first part of ‘Dil-e-Khaki’ package being shared by PA Lala.

Dil-e-Natwan-o-Jawan (Young at Heart!), Urdu poem for jolly good old people.

Poet’s Views: Our near n’ dear ones keep sharing herb recipes for life threatening diseases, often initiating keen search for symptoms within, n’ successfully too. Do we just start taking those potions n’ pills gloomily to try n’ keep the ‘Angel of Death’ at bay; —- nay, for we’ll fade away, that fixed day! This poem is a reflection on lively inspiration by many a ‘Young at Heart’, like our favorite Rafique A. Khan Sahib, who keep sharing fond memories n’ smiles, their age regardless. Hope you like it, for fun alone!!
Editor: You may read Rafique Khan Sahib’s series of articles titled “My Old but Ever New Pindi” by clicking at the following link:-
Nostalgic Articles about Rawalpindi

Urdu Poetry : Page 1 of  Dil-e-Natwan-o-Jawan (Young at Heart!) - Rawalpindi Blog

Urdu Poetry : Page 2 of Dil-e-Natwan-o-Jawan (Young at Heart!) - Rawalpindi Blog

Urdu Poetry : Page 3 of Dil-e-Natwan-o-Jawan (Young at Heart!) - Rawalpindi Blog

Dil-e-Natwan-o-Jawan (Young at Heart), Urdu poem, photo 1

Dil-e-Natwan-o-Jawan (Young at Heart), Urdu poem, photo 2

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  1. Lt Col Muhammad Arshad (Retd ) says:

    Raqeeb Kum Thay Ke Umer e Khasta Be Hath Kar Gae
    Jab Talak Aainak Uthai Wo Khuda Hafiz Kar Gae

  2. Dear Sir,
    We need people like you to inspire us. Thanks.

  3. Maj (R) Khalid Saeed Shah (2nd SSC) says:

    PA Lala, Sir,
    Allah karey zore qalam aur ziayada, Aameen. Stay Blessed.

  4. Maj Gen (R) Parvez Akmal says:


    Am so glad you all like being ‘young at heart’; my sincere thanks for your kind words. Rashid (Editor) simply seemed to have taken some snaps of my mind whilst I did those couplets; thanks for those lovely pictures. Our dear Rafique Khan Sb is indeed a role model on the subject; his comment about longevity n’ health is so very apt. Thanks Col Shahid; you recalled our brief meeting. May you all have a long long, healthy and happy life; Aameen. English can hardly match Urdu and Punjabi idioms; I’ll try to send a few more poems on the subject soon after I’am satisfied with their translation.

    Warm regards.

  5. Lt Col (R) Zafar Mustafa (6 OTS, 1958) says:

    Morale boosting verses for the aged ones.

  6. Lt Col (R) Nasir Ali Siddiqi, Engrs (2nd SSC) says:

    Very nice written, sir. Keep it up!!

  7. Lt Col Masood Alam (retd), 2nd SSC says:

    Good one!!! Regards.

  8. Azam Gill, France says:

    Thank you General, and thy pen too, flowest!

  9. Dear Gen Parvez Akmal,
    It is an excellent piece of poetical guidance, sir, by you with a very relevant advice between the lines, as to how to live long with a simple and normal life style. The length of age is fixed only by God but to live healthily is purely our choice. Looking forward for your further startling surprise.
    With blessings.

  10. Assalam-o-Aliykom.
    Zaberdast Sir Zaberdast, I like it.

  11. Nice poem.

  12. Maj (R) Rehmat Elahi, 2nd SSC says:

    Amazing & interesting piece of poetry exploring our age community.

  13. A sensitive write up. I was a total stranger to him, he himself came forward and interacted at Col Nasir’s son’s marriage…Marquee at E-11. My best wishes (to him) for a healthy long life and a good connection with Allah.

  14. Col Amir Afzal Khan (Retd), Air Def says:

    Very nice.

  15. Faisal Tirmizi, USA says:


    Splendid piece of poetry.

  16. Sir PA Lala,
    A good poem for jolly good old fellows. Waiting for next poems of ‘Dil-e-Khaki’ package.
    How do you like the photos? I couldn’t find better ones.

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