Rigging in Pakistan Elections 2013

Editor’s Note: This page shows the proof of  rigging in recent Elections through videos and pictures. One can see that the maximum photos and videos about rigging have been shared by the fans of  the most affected party, PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf). However, anyone belonging to any party can send a creditable video or picture for this page.

Civilized Silent Protest Against Rigging in Elections 2013. See many more similar posters Post Election Funny Posters.

Funny Post Election Posters: Civilized Silent protest against Rigging in Elections 2013 - Pakistan Elections 2013

Rigging in NA 252, Karachi. This video shows a  man in a Polling Centre in Karachi. When he found that the polling staff were doing rigging openly, he shouted at them at the top of his voice and said:

Rigging in Pakistan Elections 2013: A man shouts at the Polling Staff in Karachi, "Shame! What are you doing with your country?" - Pakistan Elections 2013

Now see the actual video.

A Woman’s Comment on Facebook after Seeing the Above Video. “This is what happened to my sister at polling station 71, Booth 1, NA-252, Home Economics College, Karachi. While she was going inside, MQM supporters told her to stamp on KITE. She went inside and cast her desired vote. She didn’t know that a MQM supporter was hiding behind female’s booth. He saw her not putting her stamp on KITE.  He came out of the hiding and told her to change it. She refused, so they said leave it to them they will edit it. She tore the ballot paper and threw it on his face”(Comment on Facbook by Bisma Anam).

Video Recorded by All Gutless Major TV Channels: Rigging in NA-251, Karachi. This video was recorded by all major video channels but they did not have the guts to show it on air. Why?  Even a 3 years old kid knows the answer.

Rigging in NA-110, Sialkot. A woman who had died 10 years back, her vote was cast in favour of Khawaja Asif of PML (N). Woman’s duaghter protested in front of Presiding Officer but in vain.

FAFEN (Free and Fair Election Network)) Report on Rigging. In this video Hamid Mir tells about FAFEN (Free and Fair Election Network) Report about the rigging in Elections 2013. It is a watchdog to probe on democracy. They scrutinized the results of more than 8000 Polling Stations in 120 constituencies of National Assembly. They found that in 49 Polling Stations the turn out was more than 100%.

Protest Outside Pakistan High Commission London Against Election Rigging in Pakistan

Fake Assistant Presiding Officer Caught in Lahore (NA-125). This short video shows TV anchor Mubashir Luqman catching a fake Assistant Presiding Officer on May 11, 2013. He ensured that the police apprehended the culprit. In all probability, they must have released him without taking any action.

A Policeman is Rigging While the Rangers Personnel are Watching

Many Women Were not Allowed to Vote in Rawalpindi (NA-56). The Polling staff did not open the door and many women could not cast their votes in NA-56 Rawalpindi. This video also shows the inefficiency of Election Commission by shifting voters from NA-56 to NA-54.

Rigging at Jamshed Town, Karachi. In this video, Geo News shows a man caught red-handed while casting a fake vote in a Polling Station in Jamshed Town, Karachi. There were many more ballot papers in his possession. The police didn’t arrest him and just sent him away.

Rigging in Abrar ul Haq’s Constituency (NA-117) in Narowal. In this video, Abrar-ul-Haq unearths the massive rigging by the supporters of his opponent, Senator Ahsan Iqbal of PML (N). He is ready to swear on the Quran and challenges Ahsan Iqbal to deny the allegations by also swearing on the Quran. Integrity demands that Ahsan Iqbal should do it, but is there any chance that he will do this???

Rigging by Female Polling Staff in Hyderabad. This video shows the female polling staff stuffing the Ballot Boxes with fake ballot papers. At the end of the video do see the remorse-free gesture made by a shameless polling staff.

Delay and Rigging in Defence Karachi (NA 250). In this video Kamran Khan of Geo News tells how it was planned to stop the polling in this constituency. The polling was delayed for many hours. Later, Election Commissioner allowed to compensate the lost time. Here the main contest was between Dr. Arif Alvi (PTI) and Khushbakht Shujaaat (MQM).

MQM Riggers Arrested by Rangers in Karachi (NA-251)

Did Rangers Stop the Voters to Cast Their Votes in Defence, Lahore (NA-125)? In this video, an old woman is telling a story how she was lined up along with many voters for 2 hours to vote but Rangers personnel came and stopped them from voting and took over the control. It happened in NA 125, the constituency of Khawaja Saad Rafique of PML (N). His opponent was Hamid Khan fro PTI. After seeing the video it is not clear whether the Rangers indulged in rigging or they stopped voting because the polling time was over? The benefit of doubt can here be given to the Rangers.

Khawaja Saad Rafique of PML (N) in a Women Polling Station at Lahore (NA-125). He has no right to enter any Polling Station. He can just cast his own vote and that too in a Men Polling Station. If Fakhroo Bhai has any guts, he should disqualify this man on this picture alone, if not fake.

Rigging in Pakistan Elections 2013: Khawaja Saad Rafiq of PML (N) in a women Polling Station at Lahore on 11 May in the presence of police - Pakistan Elections 2013

 Another Photo of Khawaja Saad Rafique of PML (N) in a Women Polling Station at Lahore (NA-125). Any honest head of a political party will just sack this man. Did you hear me clearly? I said ‘honest’ man!!!

Rigging in Pakistan Elections 2013: Khawaja Saad Rafique of PML (N) in a women Polling Station at Lahore on 11 May 2013 - Pakistan Elections 2013

What Khawaja Saad Rafique Was Doing Inside Women Polling Station at Lahore? In this video, you can clearly hear the excuse made by Police Officer to the voters, “Yeh umeedwaar hain”.

Another Video of Khawaja Saad Rafique in a Women Polling Station. In this video you can clearly see this Saad guy in a Women Polling Station. Actually, what does he want to prove by getting into a Women Centre? Can any wise reader through some light on it????

Video of Dawn News about Rigging in NA-125, Lahore

Exclusive Video of Rigging inside Elementary School Polling Station, Lahore (NA-125)

Polling Staff Puts Stamp on Ballot Papers for MQM. This video shows members of polling staff themselves putting stamp on Kite, then they hand over the ballot papers to the innocent voters and ask them to merely put those in the Ballot Boxes.

Polling Material Shifted on Motor Cycles in North Nazimabad, Karachi, Before Elections. On May 8, 2013, CNBC TV reports about theft of Polling material from a School in North Nazimabad, Karachi in the constituency of NA-244. As per the instructions of Election Commission the polling material was to be shifted to the Polling Stations in the evening of 10 May under police guard.

Rigging in NA 253 Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi

Video Proof for Pre-Election Preparation for Rigging

Dr. Shahid Masood’s Prediction about Rigging and Drama by Election Commission. On April 3, 2013, Dr. Shahid Masood predicted in a TV talk show that Election Commission is based on muk-muka and doing drama everyday and election process is being rigged.

PML (N) Has Past Experienced of Rigging in By-Elections. PML (N) have practised rigging expertise in a prior by-election. Report by Dunya News.

A Poem by Josiah Gilbert Holland. The ‘quality’ of most of our political leaders reminds one the famous poem “God, Give Us Men!” written by Josiah Gilbert Holland (1819 -1881), an American poet and novelist. We also pray Allah to give us ‘Real Men’.

Poetry of Josiah Gilbert Holland: "God, Give us Men!", a poem by Josiah Gilbert Holland - Poem of Josiah Gilbert Holland

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  1. shahid hameed says:

    Masters of electoral rigging Pakistani politicians.

  2. What Nasar did if he did right then after operation everything will be OK but sorry to say there is nothing OK here yet. Now where is Nasar …??? What about Mirza? Where is he now? Why he is not coming in front of cameras? Why he illed don’t do injustice to anyone. ALLAH SUBHANAHUTALA is present every where and gives justice to all. Be realistic and analyse without discrimination.

  3. Col (R) Mahmood ul Islam, Yousafzai says:

    Democracy is not for a country like Pakistan where literacy rate is much lower than below average. Rigging or no rigging, it does not effect. Same faces come in chair time and again since birth of this country. Elections are a process to Democratic Governments, where the heads count instead of what is their inside of that head does not matter. Where a vote by a PhD is equal to the vote of a jahil (illiterate), so how can we expect miracles from a democratically elected government. The best way to govern a Muslim country is Majlis e Shura where all well learned people from across the board are nominated and they choose one leader, a die hard leader, who works selfless and can deliver. Regime of Hazrat Umar (RaziAllaho Taalah) is in front of us, so we better learn from our own history rather than blindly following Western culture, which only suits them.

    • shahid hameed says:

      Masters of electoral rigging Pakistani politicians.
      Some Masters of electoral rigging Pakistani Politicians help Afghan refugees to obtained illegally Pakistani identity (CNICs) for the increased of their vote bank. The concerned system is failed to bring these traitor’s to justice. Article 6, 62 and 63 should be applied on such politicians.

  4. Saud Ahmed says:

    In Karachi the tactics played was to divert the attention of media, public and parties towards NA 250 and then apni marzi chalao every where. What a chaal!! Secondly, seats where hue and cry is being made the winners should be brave enough to voluntarily ask the Election Commission to have re-polling on their seats, chand votes hi lose karein gay na, tu koi baat nahi.

  5. Hasan Jawaid (NJ) says:

    Realistically speaking, it is a moot point now to discuss what happened during elections because none of this would be acceptable in the court of law because of many legal issues including authenticity and reliability of the videos. At this point, it is irreversible. , We are all equally disappointed in the results but my questions, which I have all along raised before elections were regarding the impartiality of election commission.
    I would like to share my observations that made me write this to one of the Pakistani english news paper few weeks ago but they didn’t have the stomach to print it. This is what I had written.
    “Off lately I have been watching and following up politicians on GEO, ARY, Express and Dunya. It is heart breaking to see how helpless, innocent, honest and die-hard these politicians have been over the years and how badly everyone wanted to address energy, economic and law and order crises during their 5 years stay in the government but some unknown, merciless divine powers, intervened them from doing so.
    As much as one despises Musharraf’s stupidities and unwanted adventurism, one might raise some basic questions to the justice system and election commission:
    1. Is Musharraf the only culprit in repealing the constitution or does this include politicians, bureaucrats and generals who were all party to it? Where should it all begin – from Musharraf or Zia? They both did the same thing.
    2. Is every nominee who has filed election papers is found fully qualified and eligible to contend elections?
    3. Has every politician who has filed election papers paid taxes/loans they owed?
    4. Should politicians who filed papers and were found to have falsified information in the previous elections be tried and disqualified or be let go the way they have been recently?

    It isn’t surprising to see that most anchors have already predicted the winner and have mellowed their tone down.
    No longer one sees the grueling hour long political interviews of the head of the parties. Essentially, it looks that
    results have already been predicted and accepted by the media, election commission and judiciary.
    Unfortunately we have answers and justifications for every thing, yet the situations continues to worsen on every front.
    The buck gets passed on from party to party, fed to province and from politicians to bureaucrats to media.
    What the heck, let’s give another 10-15 years to the most likely winner party(s) and hope that some day the wobbling democracy would be and up and running strong as people become more aware and political savvy over the years.”

    This never got printed. As I mentioned earlier, at this stage of the game I find it waste of time to go to court of law or to the impotent election commission, my concerns are who to trust anymore?

  6. Massod Alam says:
    “The easiest way to find out the bogus vote is by using the thumb impression method. Every ballot paper has the thumb impression of the voter, if it matches then the vote is OK other wise declare it as bogus and then the counting should be done again. NADRA WILL BE GREAT HELP IN THIS RESPECT.”
    Masood, it is not the easiest way. Haven’t you seen the videos in this web page showing polling staff holding the thumbs of voters and then guiding them onto the Ballot Paper? What can NADRA do when the ‘Angootha’ is also genuine?

  7. Lt Col (R) Kamran Gul Abdullah says:

    The true face of judicary is now before you. Two months back, I was watching an interview of Lt Gen Hameed Gul on Waqt channel. I clearly remember him saying ‘ Elections or no elections, we shall be heading for a hard revolution before December this year’. I think it is now expected much, much earlier. Our so called leaders including our top Armed Forces leadership do’nt realize it, but the writing is there on the wall. There is a still a ray of hope if re-elections are promptly held for all disputed seats under Army supervision ( like in 1970), if wisdom prevails. Otherwise what happens next is exactly what our enemies are waiting for- total chaos and destruction inside Pakistan. Pakistan ka Khuda Hafiz.

  8. Sajjad Khan says:

    If this is democracy, we don’t need it…………

  9. Maj Javed Durrani says:

    Why did he sought third term for Prime Minister from national assembly, then he started preparation? I know he went down to individual level in the interior of Punjab, a document was prepared consisting of hundred of pages through police special branch………. What we see is meant to be known by the people what lives beneath is all the facts. Have a wild guess the amount spent on the Elections by these thieves! And who has won at the end? The ‘Evil’ forces. God bless us.

  10. Khalid Hassan, USA says:

    A civil war and another Martial Law may be awaiting us.

  11. Sohail Qureshi says:

    Rigging the election results is something that has been a accepted fact. Sure there has always been some rigging but shame on the people of Pakistan who indulge in this nefarious activity. The people behind this must be given a exemplary punishment.

  12. Lt Col (R) Zafar Mustafa says:

    Nasar Usmani is absolutely correct. I have been living in Karachi since Jan 1987. There was peace for a few years after the operation clean-up by retired Gen Babar Llate). May his soul rest in eternal peace. He had the full backing of the State and his legendary personal bravery in war and peace brought about the much-needed calm in Karachi.
    Without sounding pessimistic I want to tell Nasar that neither one can expect State backing nor can another Naseerullah Babar be found to do the needful in Karachi.
    Regarding rigging in polls, videos don’t tell lies. It has happened throughout Pakistan.
    Living here and listening to the people who had been to various polling stations, suffice it to say that after catering for 50% on account of exaggeration, these were no less than horror stories. Facts are sometimes stranger than fiction. Election Commission of Pakistan cannot be blamed for what has happened or for not holding re-election in various constituencies. Polling staff is not appointed by ECP. It is provided by the local civil administration. They are human beings and have families. Will any of us refuse to do the bidding of a gun-toting goon? I don’t think so. Let us relax and enjoy whatever life has to offer. Believe me, any notions of chivalry are invalid under the existing circumstances.

  13. Lt Col Masood Alam (Retd) says:

    Rigging in elections is a universal fact. Instead of crying over the spilled milk we should look for the solution. The best solution to my mind is all those polling station where the aggrieved party has substantial proof should go for legal action as given by the Election Commission. The easiest way to find out the bogus vote is by using the thumb impression method. Every ballot paper has the thumb impression of the voter, if it matches then the vote is OK other wise declare it as bogus and then the counting should be done again. NADRA WILL BE GREAT HELP IN THIS RESPECT. The things are definitely improving. This time the voter list had picture of the voter. PTI has received fair amount of seats. PTI is in majority in KPK. They have also been able to get a foothold in Karachi. This is a good sign.

  14. Cobrajock (Dubai) says:

    Disgusting performance. Is democracy for us? NO.

  15. Capt Nasar Usmani (Australia) says:

    No solution. Muqabley mein marwa do in logoon ko. What Army is doing? Karachi needs an operation clean up.

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