Departed Souls

کل نفس ذائقۃ الموت

Editor’s Note. This page is dedicated to all those Directing Staff members/Course mates who have proceeded to their heavenly abode. انا لله وانا اليه راجعون Their fond memories are still fresh in our mind. May Allah give them a prominent place in Jannah, آمین.

 This data up to June 2012 has been procured from CORO, GHQ by Lt Gen Jamil Haider. Certain names have also been added as informed by some Course mates. If there is any mistake found here, please do write your instant comment at the end of this page.

Deceased Directing Staff

S.No. Rank Name Arm Platoon Date of Death Remarks
1. Brig Shakoor Jan FF Bn Comd 20 July 2008
2. Brig Sadiq Ch. Engrs Pl Comd (ABD-1) 12 Dec 2011
3. Brig Muhammad Zaheer Malik Baluch Pl Comd (SSH-2) ????
4. Brig Zafar Habib AC Coy Comd (SSH) Early 2010
5. Brig Anwar Munir Ud Din Punjab GSO-2 (Trg) 22 Mar 2019
6. Brig Rashid Ali Malik Punjab Pl Comd (ABD-5) 1 Oct 2017 Was Pl Comd before 1971 War.
7. ??? Muhammad Irfan Ord Pl Comd (HDR-1) 2009
8. Lt Col Sarosh Ghani Arty Adjt 10 July 2014 Died in Canada. 10 June???
9. Lt Col Zafar Mustafa Arty Coy Comd (ABD) 28 July 2015 Died in Karachi
10. Lt Col Salim-ur-Rehman Sigs Pl Comd (SSH-3) 8 Nov 2019 Died in Karachi
11. Maj Waqar Ahmed Malik Arty Pl Comd (SSH-5)  ???? Drowned in Rawal Lake, Rwp.


Deceased Course Mates



S.No. PA No Rank Name Arm Platoon   Date of Death Remarks
1 14421 Brig Khalid Hassan Arty SSH-1 2020 Family in USA.
2 14426 Capt Syed Liaqat Ali Shah FF/Avn ABD-2 ???
3 14438 Lt Col Abdul Samad Mir Punjab GHR-3 2009 Family in Lahore.
4 14439 Lt Col Mansur ur Rauf FF HDR-3 11 May 2019 Family in Peshawar.
5 14442 Brig Muhammad Ali Khan FF ABD-4 23 June 2011 Family in Rawalpindi.
6 14446 Lt Arshad Nawaz Engrs ??? ???
7 14448 Lt Col Khalid Mahmood Bhatti Baluch/Sindh HDR-2 18 Dec 2018 Family in Rawalpindi.
8 14454 Maj Gen Hussain Mehdi AC SSH-2 21 Feb 2019 Family at Lahore.
9 14458 Maj Javed Mahmood Bhatti Sigs ABD-4 ??? Died in road accident at B/Pur.
10 14460 Brig Muhammad Waqar Azeem Arty GHR-2 11 Dec 2019 Family at DHA-2, Islamabad.
11 14462 Maj Afsar-ul-Mulk Baluch ABD-2 ??? Family at Peshawar.
12 14472 Lt Col Muhammad Ajmal Khan FF ABD-1 28 Apr 2016 Family at DHA Phase 2, Islamabad.
13 14474 Maj Badar-us-Salam Ansari Engrs GHR-1 28 Sep 1992 Died in PIA crash in Nepal. Family in Askari 3, Kchi.
14 14482 Lt Col Pervaiz Iqbal Mughal Punjab HDR-2 Early 1990s Died in Gilgit.
15 14490 Capt Azhar Ali AC HDR-4 25 Jan 2013 Family in Lahore.
16 14502 Lt Col Muhammad Ramzan Cheema Arty/AEC HDR-3 27 Apr 2019 Died in Sialkot.
17 14507 Maj Muhammad Hanif Khan FF ABD-4 17 Jul 2011 Family in Rawalpindi.
18 14527 Capt Ghulam Habib Engrs HDR-4 7 Dec 1975
19 14532 Capt Muhammad Aslam Khan AC ABD-5 ??? Family in Multan.
20 14544 Maj Syed Haider Punjab/Sindh SSH-1 15 Jul 2015 Family in Islamabad.
21 14548 Lt Col Abdullah Khan Niazi Punjab SSH-4 15 Apr 2011
22 14550 Maj Muhammad Bashir Khan Khattak Punjab/Sindh HDR-1 07 Apr 2014 Family in Attock.
23 14566 Maj Tariq Javaid Chohan Arty ABD-1 10 Dec 2018 Family in Lahore.
24 14573 Lt Col Nadeem Ayub Khan Arty HDR-4 ???
25 14577 Col Mughnee Mahmood ASC ABD-4 1 Dec 2014 Family at Lahore.
26 14579 Lt Col Shamim Ahmed Qureshi Air Def ABD-3 06 Oct 2010 Family in Karachi.
27 14583 Maj Muhammad Ilyas Malik Engrs GHR-4 11 Sep 2016 Family lives in Askari 2, Rwp.
28 14587 Maj Sibghat Ullah Punjab GHR-3 08 June 2008 Family lives in Lhr.
29 14595 Maj Ata ur Rahman Qureshi Baluch/Sindh HDR-4 10 Oct 2012 Family in Islamabad.
30 14601 Capt Shahid Anwar Qureshi Arty GHR-2 1991 Family in Gujrat.
31 14603 Maj Sabz Ali Khan Arty HDR-2 ??? Family in Askari 5, Peshawar.
32 14609 Maj Junaid Barlas Punjab HDR-4 ??? Family in Karachi.
33 14621 Maj Mohammad Aslam Baluch ??? ???
34 14622 Maj Syed Sohail Azeem Arty SSH-3 3 Apr 2019 Family at Malir Cantt.
35 14623 Capt Ishtiaq Ali Baluch GHR-4 14 Apr 1979 Missing since 14 Apr 1979.
36 14634 Maj Shahbaz Hussain Qureshi Arty SSH-5 05 Dec 2011 Family in Jhelum.
37 14643 Lt Col Muhammad Yahya Khan Arty GHR-2 ??? Family in Rawalpindi.
38 14645 Maj Eric Joseph Air Def HDR-2 ???
39 14651 Lt Col Abdullah Saeed Air Def HDR-3 14 Feb 2006 Family in Rawalpindi.
40 14666 Lt Col M. Sami Ullah Khan Baluch/Ord SSH-5 28 Oct 2015 Family in Rawalpindi.
41 14668 Maj Shoaib Engrs ABD-4 04 Dec 2009 Family in Rawalpindi.
42 14672 Maj Mubarak Ibrahim Shaikh Air Def ABD-4 20 Dec 2013 Family in Karachi.
43 14681 Capt Khalid Hussain Daudpota Baluch ABD-1 ?? Feb 1977 Family in Hyderabad.
44 14685 Maj Moien ud Din Qureshi Baluch/JAG SSH-5 25 Jan 2019 Family in Lahore.
45 14686 Lt Ehsan-ul-Haq Engrs GHR-1 18 Oct 1973 His jeep was toppled by landslide in AK area. Parents live in Lahore.
46 14690 Maj Parvez Akhtar Arty HDR-5 13 Dec 2017 Family at Lahore.
47 14691 Maj Munir Ahmad FF HDR-5 06 Apr 1988 Got Shahadat in Khairpur, Sindh. Family in Abbottabad
48 14699 Capt Mohammad Ikram Arty ??? 12 July 1988 Family in Gujrat??
49 14706 Lt Muhammad Ali Punjab HDR-3 03 June 2006 Family at Kala Gujjaran, Jhelum.
50 14715 Maj Syed Mir Taqi Arty SSH-4 ???
51 14728 Lt Col Shamshad Khan Jadoon FF GHR-1 23 Mar 2016 Family at Askari 9, Rwp.
52 14729 Maj Khalid Rauf Khan Arty SSH-5 11 Feb 2017 Family at Virginia, USA.
53 14732 Maj Rizwan-ul-Hassan Siddiqui Air Def ABD-4 29 Apr 2012 Family at Askari 9, Rwp.
54 14734 Maj Zafarullah Bhutta Baluch ABD-2  03 Sep 2017 Died in Canada. Family @ Slkt.
55 14737 Maj Azhar Nazir Arty ABD-1 18 May 1990 Family at Lahore.
56 14738 Maj Murtaza Kamal Pasha Punjab SSH-1 13 Apr 2011 Family at Rwp.
57 14742 Maj Nazar Muhammad Mahr Air Def SSH-3 02 Nov 2012 Family in Lahore.
58 14746 Maj Salim Akhtar Khan Arty ??? ??? Family in Islamabad.
59 14750 Maj Munawar Khan Mohmand FF ABD-5 20 Jun 2018 Family in Peshawar.??
60 14756 Lt Col Syed Shahid Hussain Shah FF/SSG HDR-2 28 Jan 2019 Family in Bahria Town, Phase 3, Rwp.
61 14770 Capt Ashfaq Ahmad Air Def HDR-4 4 June 1980 Died of heart attack while attending Adm Course.
62 14772 Maj Zia-ud-Din Engrs ??? 26 Dec 1987 Died in road accident.
Belonged to Faisalabad.
63 14776 Lt Col Manzoor Anwar Baluch GHR-4 03 Sep 2001 Family at Lahore.
64 14778 Maj Mubashar Ullah Baluch ABD-4 15 Apr 2017 Retd DIG Police. Family in Lhr.
65 14794 Lt Col Muhammad Sarwar Dogar Baluch ABD-1 20 Aug 2009 Killed by dacoits in Lahore.
66 14800 Maj Muhammad Walayat Arty SSH-2 ???
67 14803 Maj Sikandar Qadri Arty SSH-1 02 Sep 2017 Family at Multan.
68 14808 Maj Muhammad Zuhrab Arty GHR-1 14 Jun 2019 Family at DHA 2, Isbd.
69 14821 Maj Mumtaz Ali Khan Engrs GHR-1 31 Mar 2016 Family at Gujranwala.
70 14826 Lt Col Akbar Ali Baluch ABD-5 1998 Family in Rawalpindi.
71 14828 Maj Abdul Razaq Arty ??? ???
72 14832 Maj Muzaffar Khawaja FF SSH-5 15 Feb 2011 Family in Lahore.
73 14836 Lt Javed Iqbal FF/Avn ??? ???
74 14844 Lt Col Muhammad Anwar AC HDR-4 2001?? Family was in Lahore.
He belonged to Sargodha.
75 14845 Maj Khalid Hassan Baluch/AK GHR-2 20 Oct 2017 Family in Rwp.
76 14851 Capt Rahat Ali Khan FF ??? ???
77 14852 Capt Riaz Ahmad Anjum Arty/AEC ABD-4 10 Nov 2016 Family in Gujranwala.
78 14857 Maj Muhammad Younis Arty GHR-1 ??? 2009 Family in Sialkot??
79 14865 Capt Asif Babar Punjab ABD-3 ??? Family lives in Rwp.
80 14879 Maj Muhammad Akhtar Khan AC HDR-4 15 Feb 2014 Family lives in Lahore. ??
81 14881 Maj Muhammad Zafar Saeed Bokhari Air Def HDR-5 24 Jan 2014 Family lives in Rwp.
82 14885 Maj Agha Amir Ahsan Sigs ABD-5 28 Nov 2012 Family lives in Rwp.
83 14888 Maj Syed Hashim Raza Naqvi Air Def SSH-1 ???
84 14894 Maj Masood-ul-Hassan Baluch ABD-5 ??? Family in Multan.
85 14900 Maj Ghulam Murtaza Bukhari Arty SSH-3 ??? Family at Liaquatpur.
86 14901 Maj Ghulam Rasool Arty ??? ???
87 14903 Maj Javaid Hassan Kurd Arty HDR-5 2009 Family in Sialkot.
88 14904 Capt Iftikhar Ahmed Malik Punjab ABD-5 9 March 2014 Family in Lahore.
89 14909 Maj Zafar Mahmud Baluch ABD-2 ??? Family in Peshawar.
90 14911 Capt Manzoor Ahmed Sigs ??? ???
91 14913 Lt Arshad Taj Punjab ABD-? ???
92 14917 Maj Salah-ud-Din Ayubi FF SSH-5 2016 Family in Abbottabad.
93 14922 Maj Zaki-uz-Zaman Air Def ABD-2 ??? Family in Karachi.
94 14923 Maj Nisar Ahmad Khan FF/Avn HDR-3 23 Nov 1991 Family in Rawalpindi.
95 14927 Maj Muhammad Hassan Mirza Baluch/Sind SSH-4 ???
96 14930 Maj Muhammad Rafiq Baluch SSH-2 7 Oct 2019 Family at Lhr.
97 14938 Maj Shahid Mahmood 7 Baluch SSH-1 22 Jan 2017 He was from Attock.
98 ?? Maj Zafar Anwar Satti 27 Baluch SSH-5 5 Aug 2019 Family in Askari-7, Rwp.


Deceased GCs

S.No. PA No Rank Name Arm Platoon   Date of Death Remarks
1. NA GC Asad Ullah Ghalib Kitchlew NA SSH-5 30 June 2009
2. NA GC Gulzar Awan NA HDR-4 ?? Aug 2010 Family in Rawalpindi.
3. NA GC Hameed Wazir NA ABD-1 ?? ??? 1973 Died in Bomb blast in Psc with Hayat Sherpao.
4. NA GC Tariq NA HDR-1 ?? ??? 1972 Death by reaction of an injection in PMA.
5. NA GC Munir NA SSH-3 Early 1990s Nickname ‘Bha’.



  1. Maj Mansoor Hashmi says:

    Quite a heart wrenching list of dear departed friends. Some memories of special times like that of Shamshad Jadoon and Murtaza Kamal Pasha. We were three room mates in UCC and had a great time together.
    Pasha used to bring “C hhapas” that made life easier. May God bless their souls.

  2. Col(R) Qaisar Rashid says:

    Cheema Chanda your devotion to update the record is commendable. Well done Boss

  3. Mohammad Safdar G-3. IDAHO USA says:

    Cheema new, thanks for your time, excellent efforts and well done job. List is very saddening but fact of life. We are also nearing to follow. May Allah SWT bless all those who left us and give them high ranks in Jannah and shower His mercies and His Rahma on all of us.

  4. Maj Rehmat Elahi says:

    Thanks dear for sharing imp info.Its an tremendous & remarkable job to make abreast the Tobians.ALLAHA sab ki maghfirat farma,who left us to Heavenly Abod

  5. A very commendable job, Rashid Zia Cheema and our gratitude for all you personal time and effort.

  6. Brig Tahir Saeed Malik says:

    Number is growing fast.Allah khair kerey.Commendable effort Cheema gee.Stay blessed.

  7. Lt Col Muhammad Arshad Meer (GHR-3) says:

    Too good effort. Stay tuned, happy and blessed.
    Pt to register is that our count down has already risen to an alarming hurry thereby, high time to keep our deeds / acct ready for ultimate audit.
    May Allah be our Guide always. Ameen

  8. Lt Col Arif Mahmud (GHR-1) says:

    Dear Cheema,

    Commendable effort sir. I can add following information for your records:-

    14686 Lt Ehsan-ul-Haq , Pl was Ghori -1 , Family(parents) live in Lahore and I was in contact with them till 2017
    14691 Maj Munir Ahmad FF , Family lives in Abbotabad. My last contact with them was a few years ago.
    14772 Maj Zia-ud-Din Engrs, He died in a road accident, Belonged to 4 Engrs. He was from Faisalabad

  9. Lt Col Zaka Ullah Khan (GHR-1) says:

    Hats off. A commendable effort. Keep it up. One correction; Brig Shakoor Jan died on 23 Jul and not 20 Jul. I had attended the funeral and was amazed that it was our Date of Commission. So, please amend. I humbly pray for the departed “Elders” and brothers, may they rest in eternal peace, A’meen.
    Thanks again, Cheema.

  10. Capt Naveed Akbar (ABD-3) says:

    While we all pray for the departed souls of comrades to rest in eternal peace, I will request all, to thank and pray for the good health, happiness and prosperous long life of the two, Brig Salman (Sally) and Col Cheema (Cheema Jee). They are the ones with the effort, dedication. comradeship of whom we remain ….. Informed … God Bless you for your continued and untiring effort … Amen!

  11. Lt Col Anwar Khan Ghor Ghushti (ABD-3) says:

    I pray that all the Departed Souls rest in eternal peace.

  12. Lt Col Masood Alam (SSH-3) says:

    May Allah keep them all in the highest level of Jannah and give strength to their beloved for bearing this irreparable loss. Ameen.

  13. Capt M.Tariq Z Rahmani (ABD-5) says:

    Dear Cheema,
    Thanks for sending the available death reported state. I pray all the best in Eman, to be ummati, health, wisdom and resourceful for the remaining alive officers from our Course. Can you compile the deceased family contacts to keep them in our communication and possible welfare?

  14. Lt Col Talhah Agha (GHR-3) Canada says:

    Cheema Jee, is there any way to get this information from their units , last served?

    • Lt Col Rashid Zia Cheema (ABD-1) says:

      I am getting bit by bit info from their units, platoon mates and families. It will take time.

    • Lt Col Zaka Ullah Khan (GHR-1) says:

      Hello Talha, it is a pleasant surprise to see your comment. I am glad to know that you are, by the grace of Allah, fine. It will be an honor to be in touch with you. Take care and best wishes.

  15. Maj Muhammad Ejaz Baig (SSH-1) says:

    Wish and pray parted souls are blessed with eternal peace. Ameen.

  16. Lt Col Tariq Ahsan Ali Khan says:

    PSS-14603, Maj Sabz Ali Khan’s (late) family is presently residing in Askari 5, at Peshawar.
    Allah Hafiz.

  17. Brig Khalid Hassan (SSH-1) USA says:

    Is there a way that everyone can upload his brief biography, his present address and profile.

  18. Brig Khalid Hassan (SSH-1), USA says:

    This list makes me sad. Its compiling is a worthwhile effort. Anyone who can, may add to the details of these sad memories and if any of the bereaved families needs some help; also the addresses of their next of kins etc. So that this page can be further improved for the betterment of the families left behind.

    • Lt Col Rashid Zia Cheema (ABD-1) says:

      Agreed. Course mates are requested to provide addresses of Next of Kins of above mentioned officers.

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