Demise of Lt Col Zafar Mustafa (Coy Comd of Abdali Coy)

Dear Course Mates,
Lt Col Zafar Mustafa, Coy Comd of Abdali CoyIt is informed with deepest sorrow that PA-5591 Lt Col (R) Zafar Mustafa, Coy Comd of Abdali Coy, expired at Karachi on 28 July 2015 (إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ). He was affectionately called ‘DADDY’ by Tobians. He was suffering from lung cancer which was diagonosed three months earlier, but he died peacefully. His Namaz-e-janaza was held on 29 July 2015.
May Allah grant him a prominent place in Junnah and provide strength to the family to bear this irreparable loss, Aameen. Please pray for his maghfirat.
Quran Khawani for the deceased will be held on Thursday, 30 July 2015, between Asr and Maghrib prayers at Masjid Usman-e-Ghani, near McDonald’s, Sea View, DHA, Karachi.
For condolence please contact:
Mr. Atif Zafar (Son): 0300 8270880.
Mr. Kashif Zafar (Son): 0300 8270881
Home: 021 35854330
Emails of Sons: and
May the soul of Col Zafar Mustafa rest in eternal peace. Aameen.

Obituary Lt Col Zafar Mustafa, Arty

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  1. Brig Kamran Shariff (ABD- 4) says:

    He had the rare capacity to communicate and connect. May he rest in peace. Aameen.

  2. Maj Khalid Saeed Shah (GHR-3) says:

    Deeply shocked to hear the sad news. One of the finest human being, loving, caring, supportive. A very lively and humane at heart, He was my CO at 76 Mountain Regt Arty. I cherish golden moments spent under his adroit and benevolent command. Indeed he was more than a father to all of us. We THE SABUNITES pray to ALLAH for Col Zafar Mustafa’s Maghfirat and a worthy place in JANNAH, Aameen.

  3. إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ.

    May Allah rest his Soul in Peace and give strength to his family to bear this irreparable loss, “Ameen”.

    With Blessing to all.

  4. Dr. Capt Muhammad Abdul Qadir Faruqi (SSH-2) Saudi Arabia says:

    Very sad news. Inna lillahe wa inna ilaihe rajeoon. May Allah grant maghferat to the deceased and grant him Jannat-ul-Firdous. Aameen summa aameen. May Allah also give sabr-e-jameel to the grieved family. Aameen summa aameen.

  5. Brig Arshad Abbasi (ABD-1) says:

    A very sad moment for Tobians and especially for Abdalians, God bless his soul and he may rest in eternal peace.

  6. Lt Gen Jamil Haider (ABD-3) says:

    No words to describe this unwanted and shocking news. Never knew about his illness. May Almighty rest his soul in peace and grants the family the courage and strength to take this irreparable loss. Aameen. We shall always miss his prompt input and candid remarks on this site.

  7. Maj Gen Khalid Jaffery (ABD-2) says:

    Shocking news. Spoiled my whole day. I did not know he was sick. What a great man and what a great teacher and human being. Very upright and candid in his opinions. Was a role model for his students. Very well respected by all who came in contact with him, as can be seen by his popularity among all of us.
    May Allah Almighty grant him the highest place in Jannah.

  8. Capt M Tariq Zaid Rahmani (ABD-5) says:

    May ALLAH grant him the best he deserves, Daddy was the most favourite Company Commander in PMA, every one is of this opinion. We always got best guidance &attention from him.

  9. Really heart breaking to learn of this news. May Allah Almighty grand his soul eternal rest in Jannah and courage to members of his family to bear this loss.

  10. Maj Rauf Shad (ABD-3) says:

    Our loving ‘Daddy’, May ALLAH be very very kind to you. We all love you. How kind, caring and compassionate your person was? ALLAH will be kind to you. With our deep hearts we pray for ALLAH’s Blessing and Grace. ALLAH HAFIZ.

  11. Inam Ullah Khan (Abdali 2) says:

    I am really saddened with the sad news of Col Zafar Mustafa ‘s death. May Allah bless his soul in peace forever and grant his family and friends the strength to bear with this unbearable loss..Ameen..

  12. Lt Col Javaid Ahmed Kamal (GHR-4) says:

    He was a simple and Upright Officer. Will always say what was truth. Had a unique style of verbal expression which nobody could have. Was loved by all Cadets.
    May ALLAH ALMIGHTY bless his soul and grant him the best place in JANNAH and give family the patience and courage to bear this great loss.

  13. Lt Col Tariq Rashid Bhatti (ABD-4) says:

    We have lost a great man. He was very kind and humble. May Allah rest his soul in peace. Grant him the choicest place in Junnah. May Allah give Sabar to the family. Aameen.

  14. Lt Col Masood Alam (SSH-3) says:

    He was a nice human being. May Allah grant him a place in Janat-ul-Firdous and give strength to his family to bear this irreparable loss. Aameen.

  15. Brig Khawaja Alam Zeb (ABD-4) says:

    A nice soul returned to its origin. May ALLAH rest his soul in eternal peace. Aameen.

  16. Maj Munir Ahmed (HDR-3) says:

    It is a very shocking news. A huge loss to 2nd SSC. He was a GREAT man & a role model for all of us. His love & affection for all of us will always be remembered. May Allah bless him with His infinite mercy & bless the bereaved family with the patience to bear this irreparable loss (Aameen). He will always live in our hearts. We owe our special prayers for his Maghferat. May Allah grant him a special place in Jannah (Aameen).

  17. Maj Rehmat Elahi (GHR-3) says:

    Very sad to know about the demise of beloved brother officer who has fatherly attitude with all the cadets. ALLAH unki mughferat farmaye aur inko Jannah-tul-Firdous mein afzal muqaam attaa farmaye. Aameen.

  18. A great man, an example of professianalism and integrity who inspired us all: Khuda Hafiz and Rest in Peace, Sir, and may the Almighty grant your family courage and fortitude.

  19. Maj M. Ejaz Baig (SSH-1) says:

    May Allah bless his soul in eternal peace. Aameen.

  20. Lt Col Ali Muzaffar Zaidi (SSH-1) says:

    May Allah grant him eternal peace & highest status in Jannah. Aameen.

  21. Maj Muhammad Javaid-ul-Hussan (SSH-4), Australia says:

    May Allah Pak grant him aala muqaam in Jannat-ul-Firdous, Aameen. He was a great personality and that is the reason known as DADDY. May Allah Pak give courage and patience to his family to bear this great loss, Aameen.

  22. Dr. Lt Zahid Abbas (GHR-2) Canada says:

    May Allah bless his soul in eternal peace and give patience to his family.

  23. Brig Zafar Chaudhry (GHR-4) says:

    May the deceased remain blessed. It is a special blessing to be given a kind heart. He wasn’t called DADDY for nothing. He was compassionate. May Allah reward him handsomely. Aameen.

  24. Brig Tariq Saeed (SSH-2) says:

    May Allah bless Col Zafar with a prominent place in Junnah and give fortitude to family to bear this loss.

  25. Lt Col Qadeer Ahmad (SSH-2) says:

    Inna lilla he wa innah elahe rajeoon. May Allah SWT bless the deceased in Junnal-ul-Firdaus. Aameen.

  26. Maj Malick Shaukat ul Islam (ABD-4) USA says:

    May Allah (SWT) rest the departed soul in peace. Aameen.

  27. Lt Col Javed Iqbal (ABD-4) says:

    May Allah Al-Mighty grant him the highest place in Jannah.

  28. Maj Ghulam Murtaza Malik (ABD-3) USA says:

    Ina lilah wa ina elay e rajeoon. May Allah SWT bless you sir and grant you Junnah. Aameen.

  29. Maj Shaukat Raza (ABD-4) Australia says:

    A very sad news. May Allah SWT bless his soul and give him a special place in Jannah and give patience to family to bear the irreparable loss.

  30. A very loving, caring and graceful personality respected by everyone. May Allah bless his soul in eternal peace and give courage, patience and comfort to the bereaved family to bear this great loss.

  31. Lt Col Rashid Zia Cheema (ABD-1) says:

    May Allah grant DADDY the choicest place in Junnah, Aameen sum Aameen.

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