Dangerous to Have the Same Name as Your CO

By Lt Col Masood Alam (SS-3)

Lt Col Agha Masood

Lt Col Agha Masood

Lt Col Masood Alam (SS-3)

Masood Alam

In 1974, when Lt Col Agha Masood (Later Maj Gen) arrived to command 41 Heavy Ack Ack Regt, he was the third Masood in the unit. The other two were myself (Lt Masood Alam) and Capt Muhammad Masood. All three were called Masood. I being the junior most was asked to change my name plate from Masood to Masood Alam. Our CO was very energetic and always kept roaming from one office to another. One could usually find him in Adjutant’s office rather than in his own office.
One fine morning I was in the training area when the runner came and told me that I was wanted by CO. When I reached CO’s office, the office orderly told me that he was in Adjutant’s office. The moment CO saw me he said, “Bloody chap, where were you? I am holding your call, come and talk”.
After handing me the receiver of the phone, he left the office.
I picked up the phone and heard the voice of a girl. We had recently become friends on phone. I was very annoyed with her and said, ” You were supposed to call me in the evening at the Mess number. Why have you called at the office number and that too during the office hours?”
She said, “I rang at the Mess number and some one gave me the office number.”
When I finished the call, Col Agha Masood called me again and said, “The Adjutant was not in the office and the phone bell was ringing. So I picked it up. She wanted to talk to Masood. I said I am Col Masood speaking. She said that she wanted to talk to a younger Masood. I knew whom she wanted to talk to. So I called you and my guess is correct. Now tell me, have you met the girl or just talking on phone?”
I was very scared and said “No sir, I haven’t met her yet”.
On hearing this, the CO said, “Bloody chap! Meet her without losing any time. Don’t be a coward”.
Of course after that I did not lose any further time to meet her.
Two Masoods: Masood Alam and Agha Masood Alam

Masood Alam and Brig Agha Masood

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  1. Lt Col [R] Zafar Mustafa (Abdali Coy Comd) says:

    Dear Masood Alam, reference Cheema and Farooq Rana’s observations, I can only say that as a BM, my GSO-3 and in PMA, quite a few bachelor Pl Comds often took my car but I don’t know whether they used it or misused it.
    I think Gen Agha’s full name is Agha Masood Ahmad. Or is it Agha Masood Hasan? In 1976, he was a Lt Col. Regards.

  2. Major Munir Ahmed (H-3 ) says:

    Dear Col Masood, we are eagerly waiting to know, upto what extent your meeting went? Come on, don’t be a coward, come out with the facts. You can do that once Ramzan is over.

  3. Maj Syed Iqbal Hussain (H-3) says:

    Dear Masood, narrate some Tariq Road stories too which we used to listen from you in Karachi Lines, Malir Cantt.

  4. Brig Khalid Hassan (SS-1), USA says:

    Masood, does Bhabi see these posts in our Course website?

  5. Maj Farooq Rana (A-4) says:

    Dear Masood, it’s highly appreciable that every now and then you keep bringing your old memories to the pen and make us also nostalgic about the youthful days. It’s a pleasant write-up. I enjoyed your piece a lot. I hope you will oblige us further, and soon. Regards.

  6. Azam Gill (H-1) says:

    Masood Jee, I’m sure you thoroughly enjoyed proving you were no coward: wouldn’t dare press you for any details, would I now?

  7. Col Qaisar Rashid (SS-4) says:

    Dear Masood, though Col Agha Masood’s picture is also OK but your girl friend’s picture would have been more appropriate. Jokes aside this is good one.

  8. Lt Col Rashid Zia Cheema (A-1) says:

    Dear Masood, last sentence of this anecdote confirms that you were never a coward. Had ‘Daddy’ been your CO, he would have given you his car to facilitate your meeting with your girl friend.

    • Maj Farooq Rana (A-4) says:

      Masood, I agree with Cheema’s remark, were it Daddy instead of Col Agha Masood, you would have enjoyed a car too.

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