Creation and Creativity

By Col Masood Anwar, Retd (34th PMA Long Course)

After God created Adam, He halted the process of creation till woman joined man. Then, woman was entrusted the task of creation at the same time as she was blessed with divine attributes of creation and creativity. She is Divine beauty mingled with lovely earth. “When Iblis desired God to give him a means of temptation that should be irresistible, he was shown the beauty of woman and was amazed by the revelation of Divine glory.” Regardless of her religious status, woman hasn’t been able to convince man about herself. She is taken for granted and unjustly treated. Why this unfairness? Why man claims advantage over woman even though woman is blessed with the attributes of creation and creativity. God did not entrust man with the task of creation; he would have made a mess of it for his threshold for pain and tolerance is much lower than that of a woman. His thinking is guided by reason. He wouldn’t realise that creating something physical, something touchable, and something that can be felt from something that is or is not physical in appearance is an act only a woman could perform and that he is a product of the same act of creation.

Corporal satisfaction is man’s primary objective. Counted in terms of time and space; satisfaction is either in the form of ecstatic pleasure or breeziness; both leave a bad taste. Possession and belonging on one side and on the other side are deprivation and economic failure; man oscillates between satisfaction and dissatisfaction. Woman has a clear sense of right and wrong. Her objective is more spiritual than physical. She takes pleasure not in satisfaction but in suffering as a part of spiritual enlightenment.

Without knowing what the purpose of life is, beliefs and values are rendered meaningless. Is corporeal success the purpose? Is spiritual enlightenment the purpose? Which is more important? The reason for asking this question is to highlight the fact that corporeal success involves exploration, investigation, examination and creation of things for the benefit of the humanity. On the other hand spiritual enlightenment is wisdom and the righteous alone provide guidance to the people to follow the right path; and needless to say, without virtue good cannot be delivered.


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