Photos of Rafiq Hasrat, Major (HDR-3)

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Photos of Maj Zahoor Ahmed (SSH-3), Air Def

Maj Zahoor Ahmed

Photos of Maj Junaid Barlas (HDR-4)

Junaid Barlas left for his heavenly abode many years back. May his soul rest in eternal peace at the choicest station in Jannat-ul-Firdous, Aameen. GC Junaid Barlas, PMA, 1972. Photo contributed by Maj Fida Muhammad (HDR-5).

Photos of Capt Ishtiaq Ali (GHR-4)

GC Ishtiaq Ali, PMA, 1972

Photos of 2/Lt Ehsan-ul-Haq (SSH-2)

Ehsan-ul-Haq, Kharian Cantt, 1 January 2019

Photos of Maj Azhar Nazir (ABD-1)

GC Azhar Nazir

Photos of Maj Syed Mir Taqi (SSH-4)

GC Syed Mir Taqi, PMA, 1972

Photos of Maj Zaki-uz-Zaman (ABD-2)

GC Zaki-uz-Zaman, 1972

Photos of Maj Zafar Mahmud (ABD-2)

GC Zafar Mahmud, 1972

Photos of Maj Munawar Khan Mohmand (ABD-5)

Maj Munawar Khan Mohmand