Late Justice Sher Bahdur Khan, Senior Puisne Judge, High Court Peshawar (1920-70)

By Muhammad Humayun, Registrar Peshawar High Court Late Mr. Justice Sher Bahadur Khan was Senior Pusine Judge of the Peshawar High Court and was one of its very eminent and brilliant Judges. He served the Lahore Seat of the west Pakistan High Court from April 1967 to March 1968 when he took over as Senior Judge […]

Demise of Maj Parvez Akhtar 2nd SSC (HDR-5 Platoon)

Demise of Maj Parvez Akhtar 2nd SSC. Dear Course mates, Assalamo Alaikum. It is informed with deepest sorrow that our course mate, PSS-14690 Major Parvez Akhtar (HDR-5 Platoon), Arty, expired in Lahore on 13 Dec 2017 (إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعون). He had a sudden heart attack, was immediately taken to CMH Lahore but could not […]

Photos of Brig Anwar Munir-ud-Din

Brig Anwar Munir-ud-Din, as a Major was GSO-2 (Trg) with 2nd Special Short Course at 3rd Pak Battalion, Tobe Camp, PMA Kakul, Abbottabad back in 1971-72. Brig Anwar Munir-ud-Din Maj Anwar Munir-ud-Din, Punjab (GSO-2, Trg), Tobe Camp, PMA, Kakul 1971/72 Related Posts: Photos of Directing Staff, Coy Comds & Platoon Comds Tribute to Brig Zafar […]

Husband Quotes

Husband Quotes. Husband Quotes: A husband is a male spouse in a matrimonial relationship. He is the head of the family. This Post has an extensive collection of quality Husband Quotes in English. Queen Elizabeth I Wanted her Husband to Love her as a Woman. Elizabeth I (1533–1603) was Queen of England and Ireland from November, […]

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Will Pakistan Beat India in the Final of ICC Champions Trophy 2017?

Please cast your valuable vote in this Poll: Please cast your valuable vote in this Poll: Tick any box and then click ‘Vote’. Will Pakistan Beat India in the Final of ICC Champions Trophy 2017? Yes No I don’t Know Probably survey maker  

Over 4000 Varieties of Pakistani flatbread

By Azam Gill, France (2nd SSC) In 1962, French President Charles de Gaulle famously complained: “How can you govern a country which has two hundred and forty-six varieties of cheese?” Five years later, when he visited Pakistan, had he realized that Field Marshal Mohammed Ayub Khan was busy governing a nation with over 4,400 varieties […]

Group Photo of UCC-3 at Military College of Engineering Risalpur 1991

Military College of Engineering Risalpur Unit Commanders Course-3 (5 Jan 1991 to 14 March 1991). 15 Course mates (14 student and 1 DS) are in this photo, rest are Directing Staff, Allied students and officers from other courses. Sitting: 1. Maj Sohail Shafiq (ABD-4), 2. Maj Kamran Gul Abdullah (SSH-1) Senior Student, 3. Maj Mushtaq […]

Protected: Demise of Maj Muhammad Iyas Malik, Engrs (GHR-4)

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‘Milan Bespoke’ – An Ultimate in Custom Made Clothing for Men & Women

‘Milan Bespoke’, a Hong Kong based Custom made clothing firm, has revolutionized how men and women wear suits every day. They appreciate that each customer has a unique vision, hence they always pursue to clothe them accordingly. Their clothes are in line with the latest fashions in vogue. They deliver only the best. What does […]