Kargil Conflict – 1999

–  Some “Facts” About Kargil Conflict, 1999 (A video showing Musharraf and Jaswant Singh with Tim Sebastian) – Pakistan Military History  (A brief case study of Indo-Pak Wars) – Details by Wikipedia – Photos of Kargil War Related Page: Army Blog (Retired Officers)

Siachin Dispute – 1984 to Date

– Pak Army Version (Chumik Operation) – Siachen – The World´s Highest Battlefield – Pakistan Military History  (A brief case study of Indo-Pak Wars) – Photos of Siachin Related Page: Army Blog (Retired Officers)

India Pakistan War – 1971

Time Magazine Cover-1971 War(150x194)

The Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 was a military conflict between the arch rivals, India and Pakistan. It was a very short war which lasted just 13 days (3-16 December 1971). Forces of both countries clashed on the Eastern and Western fronts. As an outcome of this war, East Pakistan seceded as the independent state of Bangla Desh. […]

Pakistan’s History

Pakistan's History (Pic 1)

   1. Story of Pakistan Click the link below to read about any specific period. Pre-historic to 1206 1206- 1526 (Dehli Sultanate) 1526-1857 (The Mughal Empire) 1857-1905 (British Colonization) 1905-1940 (Struggle for Independence) 1940-1947 (The Pakistan Movement) 1947-1958 (The Teething Years) 1958-1969 (Martial Law and Building a Nation) 1969-1977 (Martial Law and the Restoration of Democracy) […]

Rann of Kach Dispute 1965

– Conflict in the Rann of Kutch: A trial of Strength (By: Lt Gen (retd) Kamal Matinuddin) – Rann of Katch 1965   (Pakistan Talk Forum) – Sir Creek–Information about Sir Creek – Sir Creek: The other dispute between India and Pakistan – Encyclopedia Britannica Related Page: Army Blog (Retired Officers)