My First Ride of Double-Decker Bus in Rawalpindi, 1963

By Col (Retd) Tariq Masood, 44 Long Course (USA) Editor’s Note: Col Tariq Masood is from a Punjab Regt. He is also a Homeopathic doctor. He has settled in USA since 2001. It was 1963, when the first Double-Decker Bus of GTS arrived in Rawalpindi. GTS had three stands at that time; one in Saddar, adjacent […]

Nostalgia & Jokes for Immigrants /Expatriate Pakistanis

‘Amreeka Kaisa Lagga?’ Irfan Murtaza Recites a Poem in Dallas (USA) Mushaira in 2010 Why Pakistanis living abroad forget that they are also ‘DESI’?  Papoo’s Dress for Halloween Desi Mothers and Children not interest in Studies ‘Desi’ People at the Airport Mothers of Old Times Related Pages: Pakistan Abroad Best Jokes Editor’s Note: If you have liked […]

Old Songs (English)

“Man on the Corner” – Genesis (1982). It is a song by British band Genesis, released on 5 March 1982. The song was written by Phil Collins. The lyrics describe a man who spends his days on a street corner, shouting at passersby.This is song about the homeless epidemic and society’s reluctance to help the homeless […]

Rawalpindi, My Birthplace

By Maj Amjid Kamal Quamber (2nd SSC) Various articles about Pindi written by my friends have also compelled me to write something about the city where I was born. It was a humid day on 30 Aug 1953 when I was born in CMH Rawalpindi. There is only one Labour Room at 1st floor of […]

Precious Memories of Rawalpindi

By Maj Shahid Hameed (2nd SSC) The articles of Rashid Cheema, Akram Malik and Asad Hakeem about life in Pindi in 1950s and 1960s also compel me to pen down my observations about this city. They have covered most of the aspects. I am also touching upon some untold versions. Making no mention of activities […]

Rawalpindi, as I Remember

By Brig Muhammad Akram Malik (2nd SSC) A friend in his article “Nostalgic Memories of Rawalpindi “ wrote in detail about old Pindi. It has prompted me to write something too about this city. My friend got acquainted with Pindi intimately when he arrived at Aviation School in 1975 but I know Pindi a little […]

Nostalgic Memories of Rawalpindi

By Lt Col Rashid Zia Cheema (R), 2nd SSC) I have some nostalgic memories of Rawalpindi. I first passed through ‘Pindi’ in 1963 while going to Murree where our family spent the whole summer vacations. Pindi was a sleepy town in those days and the only prominent roads were The Mall and Murree Road. Then I […]

Rare Videos (World)

Japanese Sign Final Surrender Sept 02, 1945. This is an actual film made of the surrender ceremony of the Japanese to Gen MacArthur in Tokyo Bay on Sept 02,1945. You can also hear the actual voice of Gen MacArthur. A ‘must see’ short video for the WWII history buffs. Click here: Japanese Surrender Editor’s Note: If you have liked this web page, then […]

Rare Videos about Pakistan

Historical Address by Ayub Khan to Pakistani Nation-06 September 1965  PAF Pilots Interviewed During 1965 War. In this video PAF pilots are being interviewed by a British correspondent during the 1965 Indo-Pak War. Lahore in 1946. Historic footage of Lahore city. Places shown here are; The Mall Road, Lahore Gymkhana’s Old Building (now Quaid-e-Azam Library), […]

Rare Lollywood

“Aao Bacho Saer Karaen Tum Ko Pakistan Ki”. A song from “Bedari”, the first Pakistani film for children released in 1956. Main role played by Rattan Kumar. Old Photo of Rani and Waheed Murad Editor’s Note: If you have liked this web page, then please share it on Facebook and Twitter. Please also write your brief comment at the end […]