Quotes about Mother in Urdu

‘Jiss ki Maa nahi, uss ki kaya EID, Sahib!’ Why all Mothers ‘like’ left over food? “Mein nay Maa likh diya” Mother is a ‘Takhti’ (Kind of Slate) of LOVE Maa ki Kammi Mother, the Best Gift of Allah Maa Aaj Bhi Roti Hai  The Wealthiest Person in the World True Love; Only Mother asked […]

Mother Quotes/Poems/Photos

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Poetry on Mother (Punjabi)

‘Maa Bajoon Hun Kuj Nahi Labdha’ ‘Maa tay Aakhir Maa Hondi aye’  ‘Jiss Ghar Maa Nahi Hondi’ “Maawaan Thandian Chaawaan” ‘Uchian Lamian Taalian, Tay Ghanian Jinaan Dian Chawaan’ Maaye nee kinoo Aakhaan, Dard Vichoray da Haal.This is the original poetry of Shah Hussain. In the songs and remakes, a few words have been added unnecessarily. The […]

Photos of Mothers

What a Motherhood There is Nothing Like a Mama’s Hug   A Mother Never Abandons Her Children A Soldier’s Mother A Motherly Old Woman Thanking a Soldier for Saving Her Life in Floods Mother of a Shaheed Soldier Mother Celebrating Birthday of Her Shaheed Son. Mother of Capt Muhammad Faraz Malik Shaeed is celebrating her […]

Quotes about Mother (in English)

A Man who treats his Woman like a Princess..  ‘Mother becomes Grandmother’ Share it if your MOM is ‘WOW’ Mother’s Lap Motherhood: Heaven and Hell at One Place “No Gift to your Mother can ever equal,……”  “….I owe to my angel Mother” – Abraham Lincoln loading… Quote about Mother: “The Best Academy….” Henry Ward Beecher: “What […]

Mother’s Day

My Mother and Flowers Mom, You’re Cool! Have a Cool Mother’s Day! Happy Mother’s Day: Home is Where Your Mom is Smile, Mom! Today is Mother’s Day!  Happy Mother’s Day: I’ll Always be Proud to Be Your Daughter  Mother’s Day Quote: A Mom’s Job Means, Getting Paid with Hugs and Kisses Happy Mother’s Day: I Have a […]

Songs about Mother

Maiye Nee Mein Kinoo Aaakhan-Coke Studio. Singer Atif Aslam. Coke Studio Session – Produced by Rohail Hyatt. ‘Maa‘…A Song from ‘Tare Zameen Per‘. Mother is another name of Love. All should respect their mothers and make them comfortable and happy.   The Mother—Islam Teaches to Treat Her kindly  Editor’s Note: If you have liked this web page, then […]

Poetry on Mother (Urdu)

A mother (Mom or mum) is a woman who gives birth to a child and then raises that child. A mother is a symbol of sacrifice and has a challenging role in the life of every child. This page is dedicated to all the mothers and contains a collection of heart touching  poems about mothers. […]