“The South Asian Equalizer”

By Lt Azam Gill, 2nd SSC Editor’s Note: Lt Azam Gill is from a Punjab Regt. After leaving the Army very early, he has settled in France. Samuel Colt, the founder of Colt’s Manufacturing Company, died in 1862. Eleven years after his death, the M1873 .45 single action Army SAA Mod P revolver ensured his posterity. […]

Lahori Lip-smacks: the Quaid, Takka tin and Takka tak

By Azam Gill, France  Readers are cordially invited to correct any mistake on my part: it’s been a long time since I am out of Pakistan, folks! The appropriation of Takka tin by Takka tak serves as an allegory of Pakistan’s conflicting and overlapping forces swirling to appropriate the Quaid’s legacy. Taka tak phonetically imitates […]

Memorable Eatery; Hico Chalet, The Mall, Lahore

By Azam Gill, France (2nd SSC) Hico Chalet probably opened in the late 1950s on the Mall Lahore and quickly became a focal point for families and eventually for unmarried couples. It also caused a controversial buzz to ripple through Lahore. There were strongly defended arguments about how to pronounce ‘chalet’! Apart from its ice cream selection, […]

“Lachhay-daar Vocabulary” of Lahori Tonga Walas

By Mehmud Ahmed (Canada) Editor’s Note: Mr. Mehmud Ahmed is 81 years old former journalist who has settled in Canada since five years.  I recently read this Lahori joke in a website (Native Pakistan) about a student and a tonga wala and as against the known reputation of Lahori tonga walas this time the joke […]

Nostalgic Articles about Lahore

Editor’s Note: This page contains some excellent nostalgic articles about Lahore of 1950s, 60s and 70s. loading… “Lachhay-daar Vocabulary” of Lahori Tonga Walas. I lived in Lahore only for two years and that too at a time when Tongas were being eased out and cabs were being inducted and that is 1959-60. Still on a few occasions […]

Great Memories of Lahore

Maj Hasan Jawaid (1st SSC), USA Editor’s Note: Maj Hasan Jawaid is from a Baluch Regt. He has settled in USA since 1992. We all have some great memories and associations with Lahore.How is it possible to be in the Army and not get to see Lahore. Well, may be it’s a bit strong statement but […]

Lahore Blog

 Daily Prayer Timings in Lahore. Click the following picture to see the daily accurate prayer timings in Lahore. Lahore Weather for Today and Tomorrow Click for weather forecast Nostalgic Articles about Lahore. Click the following picture and read the latest nostalgic articles about the life in Lahore in the 1950s, 60s & 70s. Lahori Jokes. Click the following […]