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Nursery Rhymes for Kids (in English)

This page contains free nursery rhymes songs/videos/lyrics for kids. Nursery rhymes selected here are all time favorite for kids. These extremely popular nursery rhymes will hopefully be enjoyed by the kids. Some poems in this significant collection even date back to 17th century. One can also call this vast collection, a priceless nursery rhymes treasure. The term nursery […]

More Learning in Urdu

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Learn Alphabet & Counting in Urdu

Urdu Alphabet Jingle. Learn Urdu alphabets with the help of a jingle. Counting 123 in Urdu. Now kids can learn to count in Urdu in a fun way.

More Learning in English

The Animal Sounds. Learn the magical sounds of the animal kingdom. Seen by 28 million kids till 23 May 2012.   Learn about Animals. Introduces kids to the world of Animals. Viewed by 1.3 million kids.   Learn Fruit Names. Viewed by more than 1.1 million kids.

Cartoons in Urdu

Chuhay Ki Baaraat. Urdu animated rhymes. Seen by 116,986 kids till 23 May 2012.

Learn Alphabet & Counting in English

Phonics Song-2. Seen by more than 72 million kids till May 8,  2012. Sesame Street: Learn Alphabets With Elmo. India Arie sings the ABC’s with Elmo. It is fun learning for your preschooler child. Seen by more than 48.5 million kids till 23 May 2012. Alphabet Song   Learn Numbers 123. Seen by 2.5 million kids till 23 […]

Kids Fun in English

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