Bachpun Kay Cricket Rules

Street Children playing Cricket - Childhood Rules for Cricket

Editor: A number of interesting childhood cricket rules have been enumerated here. Visitors of this website are also welcome to add some rules which have been missed out. They can add these in the Comment Box which is at the end of this page, titled “Leave a Reply here”. Related Pages: Kids Fun in Urdu Kids Club […]

Nursery Rhymes for Children in Punjabi

Khaali pirch payali, Kaan udd gaya beh gaye Laali - Poems for children in Punjabi

Unlike the kids of today who have access to TV, Internet, iPhone and iPad, the children of Punjab during 1950s &  1960s used to recite small ‘nursery rhymes’ which were not taught in any school. It is a collection of a great treasure of Punjabi ‘poems’ for kids !!!! These are so old, so simple […]

Funny Videos for Kids

Son tries to push father in swimming pool

Son Tries to Push Father in Swimming Pool

Songs in English

“Dil Dil Pakistan”–English Version

Songs for Kids in Urdu

“Lakri Ki Kaathi, Kaathi Pay Ghora“.  One of the most genuine children’s song of all time from the movie “Masoom“. The kids are young Urmila  and Jugal Hansraj, the future actress and actor of Bollywood. “Aao Bacho Saer Karaen Tum Ko Pakistan Ki”. A song from “Bedari“, the first Pakistani film for children released in 1956. Main role played […]

Poems in English

Bismillah. Poem for Muslim kids.

Urdu Poems for Kids

Urdu Poems for Kids: "Aik Tha Teetar, Aik Batair" - Poetry for Children

Unlike the kids of today who have access to TV, Internet, iPhone and iPad, the children during 1950s to 1980s used to recite these poems. It is a collection of a great treasure of Urdu poems for kids. These are so old, so simple and so easy to remember for children. This poetry will surely take […]

Bed Time Stories in Urdu

Little Red Riding Hood. (Urdu version).   Khargosh Aur Katchwa. The Urdu version of ‘The Hare & the Rabbit’.

Bed Time Stories in English

Little Red Riding Hood   The Frog Prince. An animated fairy tale for kids. Go to Top

Nursery Rhymes in Urdu


Kaali Kaali Bakri. Urdu Version of ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’.   Chu Chu Chacha, Ghari May Chuha Naacha. Urdu version of ‘Hickory Dickory Dock’.   Abbu Laye Motor Car   Humpty Dumpty. The Urdu version of the popular English children’s song, ‘Humpty Dumpty’.   “Chanda Maama Dur Kay” ‘Andda’ (Egg)