Pakistani Jokes (Phir Bhi Dil Hai Pakistani)

Search for Desi Restaurant ‘5th Gear’ ‘Side Effect of Medicine’ Valentine’s Day in Pakistan Blankets of Poor People ‘Moral Duty’ while watching a Street Fight ‘Organic Roasted Chestnuts’ eaten by Mirpuri Wife ‘Khushkhabri’ from Newly Married Couples What Happens when you Discuss Your Problem with a Friend? Favourite Question & Answer of Pakistani People When Meeting […]

Women Jokes (in English)

Dressing up of a Woman List of Ways to win an Argument with a Woman “No, you’re right.” ‘Slightly’ upset Woman  Dear Men, Never criticize a Woman’s Appearance Efficiency Level of Women Crazy Woman

Seraiki Jokes

‘Trustworthy’ Business Partner Heer Ranjha The Witty Villager who fell from Bicycle A Seraiki attends Dance Party in London. Seraiki translation by Ejaz Hussain Siddaquat. The Innocent Village Girl A Newly Married Seraiki Couple in a Park Dua by a Seraiki at Iftar Time Related Page: Best Jokes Editor’s Note: If you have liked this page, then please […]

Best Golf Jokes & Quotes

Editor: This is a collection of clean and decent Golf Jokes & Quotes with simple Graphics. More jokes will be added with the passage of time. Please visit this page once a month to enjoy new jokes. You may also share a joke, the procedure for sending a joke is given at the end of […]

Women & Girls Jokes

‘Tension Free’ Rail Journey ‘Criterion’ for Buying a Suit. Joke contributed by Saqib Khan. ‘Baatooni Aurtain aur Aam’ (Talkative Women and Mango) Who will be Sorted Out in a Girl’s ‘Susraal’? Girls’ Holes in the Ear Women are Really very ‘Brave’ Suggestion for those Men who like ‘Gole Roti’ The Tongue of a Woman Disadvantage of taking […]

School Jokes

‘MURGHA’ Bashir’s Year of Birth Koun si Qayamat? A Witty Student Teacher asks Student for complete ABC  A Letter dictated by a village School Teacher Difference of City & Village School Children when they Visit a Zoo KG Student writes Funny Leave Application Teacher asks Student (Sheeda) to tell his full Name Teacher asks the […]

Best Jokes (in English)

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Marriage Jokes (in Urdu & Punjabi)

Nikkah Fee Lucky Boy; as told by Fortune Teller Son-in-Law to be Plays ‘Chankna’ in Coke Studio A Father’s Sentimental Letter to his Son before his Marriage All Poets MUST Immediately Get Married  One MUST travel around the World before Marriage ‘Shaadi ki irtaqai Manaazil’ Till What age are men Crazy about Second Marriage? Guests […]

Merasi Jokes (in Urdu & Punjabi)

A Merasi was Recruited in the Army during Second World War A ‘Wise’ Merasi in the Army A Merasi was asked to Massage the Horse of Chaudhry A Charsi Merasi donates his Eyes One Kilo Karailay Roza daar Merasi and FM Radio  An Injured Merasi Dou ka Pahara Merasi’s Son wants to Marry an abusive […]

College Jokes (in Urdu & Punjabi)

‘Mohabut ka Anjaam’ ‘Arooj-o-Zawaal’ Taught by History Professor Gender Discrimination by the Professor Attentive during a Lecture College Result in the Presence of Father  College Student ka ‘Intaqaam’ Son asks Father about ‘Mother Tongue’  Baaghi Student ka Paighaam Ajeeb Darr (Strange Fear)   Students ka Sufiana Kalam MBA ki Loot Sale  “Boys! Where is Your Heart?” […]