Funny British Pakistani Jokes

British Pakistani Jokes. It’s a small but very interesting collection of funny British Pakistani Jokes. These hilarious jokes are about British Pakistani residents, and will surely make your day. This page is continually being updated and more ‘British Pakistani Jokes’ are added. So, please bookmark this page and keep visiting it to enjoy more hilarious jokes. […]

Pakistani Jokes (Phir Bhi Dil Hai Pakistani)

Pakistani Jokes; Phir Bhi Dil Hai Pakistani. Friend’s Marriage & Air Ticket Search for Desi Restaurant. When any Pakistani goes abroad he looks for a Desi restaurant, may be it is a search for halal food. ‘5th Gear’ during a Quarrel in Pakistan ‘Side Effect of Medicine’ Valentine’s Day in Pakistan. Valentine’s Day in Pakistan is quite different. […]

Women Jokes (in English)

Editor: Readers of this website are also welcome to contribute Women Jokes for this post by sending to: Dressing up of a Woman Women Jokes: ‘An Angry Woman’ List of Ways to win an Argument with a Woman “No, you’re right.” ‘Slightly’ upset Woman  Dear Men, Never criticize a Woman’s Appearance Efficiency Level of Women Crazy Woman […]

Funny Seraiki Jokes

It is a collection of very funny Seraiki jokes to make you laugh. These Seraiki jokes should be taken in a positive spirit, these are not meant to hurt the feelings of any community. Most of the translation has been done by the Seraiki friends of the writer, though one odd poor attempt has been made by […]

Best Golf Jokes and Quotes

Editor: This is a collection of clean and decent best Golf Jokes & Quotes with simple Graphics. More jokes will be added with the passage of time. Please visit this page once a month to enjoy new jokes. You may also share a joke, the procedure for sending a joke is given at the end […]

Women & Girls Jokes

‘Tension Free’ Rail Journey ‘Criterion’ for Buying a Suit. Joke contributed by Saqib Khan. ‘Baatooni Aurtain aur Aam’ (Talkative Women and Mango) Who will be Sorted Out in a Girl’s ‘Susraal’? Girls’ Holes in the Ear Women are Really very ‘Brave’ Suggestion for those Men who like ‘Gole Roti’ The Tongue of a Woman loading… Disadvantage of […]

Funny School Jokes

Funny School Jokes. Naughty students are sometimes headache for their teachers. But they kids are always very intelligent. Teachers should handle them with proper tact. It’s a nice collection of Funny School Jokes in Urdu and Punjabi for Kids and teachers. These are very entertaining jokes and will make the readers laugh. The visitors of this post, […]

Best Jokes (in English)

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Marriage Jokes (in Urdu & Punjabi)

Marriage Jokes (in Urdu & Punjabi). Nikkah Fee Charged by the Maulvi Sahib. This Molvi Sahib has a unique principle. He charges nikah fee according to the beauty of the bride. Lucky Boy; as told by Fortune Teller Son-in-Law-to-be Plays ‘Chankna’ in Coke Studio A Father’s Sentimental Letter to his Son before his Marriage All Poets […]

Merasi Jokes (in Urdu & Punjabi)

Merasi Jokes. It is a collection of funny Merasi jokes. These Merasi jokes are not meant to hurt the feelings of any community. Merasi tribe is well-known for their witty retorts and the aspect of their jesting is evident in these jokes. Merasi (or Mirasi) are an inherent part of the village culture in Punjab. […]