Seven Layers of the Earth’s Atmosphere

Is the seven layers of the Earth’s atmosphere is the same as the seven heavens the Noble Quran talk about? Throughout this article we will correct this misconception …. Researchers have found that Earth’s atmosphere consists of layers placed on top of each other and that these layers varies according to their density.Therefore, researchers have been […]

Sleeping on the Right Side

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) advised us 1400 years ago to prepare for sleep mode on the right side, why? Researchers say that to sleep on the left side is preferred, as the heart would be under pressure of the right lung, the largest of the two lungs, and this would affect its kotraksjon (contraction), especially if […]

Identity of the Fingers

Fingerprints had no impact on people on the Prophet’s time. An Englishman by the name of Genn ginsen, in 1856, found that the pattern of lines at the tip of a human finger was something unique to the individual. Until 1856, people were unaware of this feature at your fingertips. The discovery was the fact that the pattern […]

Flies Have a Cure

In the past, some scientists proved that our greatest Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) told us about. A cure in the wings of flies. This confirms the truth of our prophet’s words. A couple of years ago, an atheist following: “How do you think Muslims that only birds that carry diseases, can carry a cure? How do you dip […]

Waves Under the Sea

The Holy Qur’an refers to a new scientific discovery that is in the depths of the sea, where there are waves and darkness, let us read … Scientists have discovered that the ocean’s depths are large / deep waves that are different waves from the ocean’s surface. Allah (swt) compares the works of atheists and infidels […]

Facts About Iron in Quran

Iron is one of the elements highlighted in the Qur’an. In Surat Al-Hadid, meaning Iron, we are informed: ……. And we have sent the iron, wherein is great power and benefit of the people ……. (Quran 57-25) The word “anzalna,” in the Arabic language, translated as “sent down” and used for iron in the verse, could conceivably […]

Islam & Science

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