“1965 War; To Whom it May Concern”

By Maj Siraj Syed, Retired (17th PMA Long Course), USA Editor: Maj Siraj Syed is from Arty/Avn. He has settled in USA since 1978. During 1965 Indo-Pak War, I was attached with 11  Div HQ at Khem Karan Sector and flew the GOC, Maj Gen Abdul Hamid Khan, in OH-13S helicopter all over the operational […]

Light Humour in Ramzan (Ramadan)

The Stomach after Drinking Water at Sehri How to check the ‘IKHLAQ’ of a Person at Iftaar time? Aftari for Fat People Invitation for Aftari, not for Candy Crush Don’t eat Fish at Sehri Roza daar Merasi and FM Radio People kept Roza even when Electricity was not Invented  Spiderman Before and After Iftaari Rozay […]