Funny Poetry (Punjabi)

Funny Poetry Punjabi. Humour provides enjoyment, entertainment and sparks laughter and provides amusement to people of all ages. Humour breaks the boredom and monotony and makes the audience laugh. Humorous Punjabi poetry is very popular and tremendously liked by the people of Punjab in Pakistan and India. This post has a collection of some very […]

Funny Photos

Funny Photos.  It is a vast collection of very funny photos for all ages. An old adage says, “A picture is worth a thousand words” but these extremely funny pictures are worthless. You will find a cool collection of funny photos in this page. Cheapest, rather free, ‘Tummy Supporter’ ‘Bottal Wali Sarkar’ ‘Mein Barri ho […]

Funny Articles (in Urdu)

“Khansama”: Narration by Zia Mohy-ud-Din. This is an excerpt from a funny article, “Khansama”, written by Mushtaq Ahmed Yousufi. Famous TV and film artist Zia Mohy-ud-Din is reading this excerpt in his typical style. Zia Mohyuddin reads Yousufi– “Khansama” Related Page: Best Jokes Editor’s Note: If you have liked this page, then please share it on Facebook, Twitter or any other […]


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