Load Shedding & WAPDA Jokes

Load shedding is a momentous issue in Pakistan. The entire nation is fed up with the hide & seek played by the electricity. WAPDA is considered the main culprit for this catch-22 situation. Pakistan is a nation of jolly people. They have learned to make fun of this drawback as well. One can see many […]

Funny Commercials (Videos)

This page displays some extremely interesting short commercial videos. Amir Khan’s Old Commercial of Coca Cola   Toyota Corolla’s 30 Seconds Funny Ad.  A very creative and funny ad about Toyota’s quality.   Very Funny Pepsi Commercial with Chinese Monks   One of the Funniest Juice Commercials Ever! The facial expressions are priceless. Winner of Best TV […]

Facebook Jokes & Cartoons (in English)

Deactivated Facebook Account  Facebook Fever  Life Outside of Facebook A Young Facebook Addict ‘Et tu, Brute’? (‘You too, Brutus?’) Robbery Plan Posted on Facebook You May Update Your Facebook Status A Bigger Turnout Was Expected Facebook Manners. Do you have good Facebook manners? Timmy and Alice don’t. Watch their bad behavior to learn the Dos and […]

Transport Nama

Funny bumper stickers and funny car stickers are a very common sight on the roads of most Western countries. Pakistan doesn’t lag behind in this field too. One can see extremely humorous writings & slogans on rickshaws, cars, vans, trucks and buses. Here is an extremely humorous collection of such writings under the title; ‘Transport […]

Funny Answer Sheets (in Urdu)

Funny Answer Sheets in Urdu. It has been observed that when an intelligent student does not know the answer of a question in an exam in the school, he does not like to leave that question unanswered. He tends to give some funny or clever answer, which may not be correct at all. Here is […]

Internet & Computer Jokes (in English)

Internet Jokes in English. The Internet is the global system of interconnected computer networks that use the Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) to link devices worldwide. It’s a nice collection of funny jokes about Internet. These meticulously selected fresh Internet jokes in English show the funny side of Internet, and will surely make your day. Please keep visiting this page, […]

Funny Ads (in Urdu)

Female Assistant Required for a TV Channel Alternative of CNG and Petrol: Khota Corolla ‘Ghairat’ Wanted Related Page: Best Jokes Editor’s Note: If you have liked this page, then please share it on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media. If it is not inconvenient, please do write a brief comment at the end of this page under the […]

Funny Videos & Clips

Editor’s Note: A good collection of world’s best funny clips and short funny videos have been added on this page. These videos and clips are extremely funny. This is a carefully selected stock of top funny videos. The Slap. The funniest clip you will ever watch. A soldier, a young woman, a colonel, and an old […]

Funny Signboards (in English)

Need a Girlfriend?  Pull Up Your Pants An Infant is Begging: Can’t Speak, Can’t Walk, No Teeth, No Job, Dirty Diaper Long Toilet, Short Toilet. The “contractor” of this Toilet has tried to translate in English the term “Barra paishaab (Stool)/Chotta paishaab (Urine)” which is frequently used by Pakistani doctors when examining illiterate patients. Beware of […]

Urdu Funny Poetry

This page contains Urdu funny poetry. The collection of funny poetry in Urdu is really hilarious. Enjoy these funny Urdu poems and Mazahia Shayari. Keep visiting this page from time to time as more Urdu funny poetry will be added. ‘Mein Payar Likhti Rahi woh Payaz Parhta Raha’ Turki ba Turki Hilarious Poetry in Urdu: […]