Funny Signboards (in Urdu)

‘Funny signboards in Urdu’ is a large collection of carefully selected funny signboards. These extremely funny signboards in Urdu depict a true picture of Pakistan in a humorous way. It will hopefully provide good enjoyment to the fun starved masses through funny signboards. Airy Rooms with Flush System are Available for Rent Funny Poetry on […]

Funny Signboards (in English)

Need a Girlfriend?  Pull Up Your Pants An Infant is Begging: Can’t Speak, Can’t Walk, No Teeth, No Job, Dirty Diaper Long Toilet, Short Toilet. The “contractor” of this Toilet has tried to translate in English the term “Barra paishaab (Stool)/Chotta paishaab (Urine)” which is frequently used by Pakistani doctors when examining illiterate patients. Beware of […]