In Loving Memory of Dr. Amar Nawaz Malhi (1956-2010)

By Rashid Zia Cheema Amar passed away on 17 June 2010. Every year on 17 June, at his death anniversary, we fondly remember him. How can we forget that fateful day when he went to his heavenly abode and left his dear and near ones sad? Dr. Amar Nawaz Malhi, loving known by his nick-name […]

Mother Quotes/Poems/Photos

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Husband Quotes (in English)

Be Best to Your Wives. Saying of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Laura Bush about Her Husband’s Point of View  A Husband is Like a Fire I Love Being My Husband’s Wife Real Men Beat the Drum and Not Their Women A Husband Without Faults? A Good Husband….. An Ideal Husband  Nancy Reagan: My Life Really Began….. […]

Parents Quotes

Parents are a gift from God. All parents love their children and care for them through out their life. Therefore, it is also moral duty of their children to look after their parents when they grow old. We should know the value of our parents and see them happy and smiling. Allah has also ordered […]

Brother Quotes (in English)

A Brother is a Friend given by Nature Afghan Proverb: Five Fingers are Brothers But Not Equals Vietnamese Proverb: Brothers and Sisters are as Close as Hands and Feet  Help your Brother’s Boat across… Related Pages: Best Quotes about Parents Best Quotes about Father Best Quotes about Mother Best Quotes about Son     (page i s under construction) […]

Sister Quotes (in English)

My Sister Has the Best Sister (Me) This Sister is the Perfect Example of a Best Friend A Sister is a little bit of Childhood…… Sisters are for sharing Laughter and wiping Tears Sisters are Different Flowers from the Same Garden Sisters are Blossoms in the Garden of Life Related Pages: Quotes about Mother Quotes about Daughter […]


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Quotes about Father (in Urdu)

A Father’s Dua is not Rejected Look After Your Old Father During Hajj Son Feeding His Father During Iftaar in Makkah. Hadees: Father’s Dua is Accepted by Allah Hadees: Allah’s Raza is in Father’s Raza Status of a Father in Islam   An Old Father’s Complaint A Father’s Appeal      Editor’s Note: If you have […]

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