Pakistan Elections

Pre Election Funny Posters: Pakistan Elections 2013

Wake Up Silent Majority, Cast Your Vote Appeal to Masses to Cast Their Vote Wisely Get Rid of the System Responsible for Bribe for Hajj and Dearness in Ramzan Poem: “Parinday Woh Hee Hongay, Bus Shikari Jaal Badlain Gay“. It exactly happened what was predicted by the poet. Rally against Lotas (Turncoats). ‘Mujhey toilet mein rehnay do, […]

Post Election Funny Posters: Pakistan Elections 2013

Editor’s Note: Everyone, irrespective of his affiliation with any political party, can share a joke/cartoon/funny poster in this page. The joke/cartoon, etc should not contain any abusive language or any photo in bad taste. For example, see the second poster on this page titled “New Name for MQM”. Everyone knows what kind of pictures were […]

Rigging in Pakistan Elections 2013

Editor’s Note: This page shows the proof of  rigging in recent Elections through videos and pictures. One can see that the maximum photos and videos about rigging have been shared by the fans of  the most affected party, PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf). However, anyone belonging to any party can send a creditable video or picture for this […]