Urdu Translation of Spices & Vegetables

English Urdu Aniseed Saunf Barley Jow Bayleaf Tez path Black pepper Kaali mirch Beetroot Chukandar Bell Peppers Shimla mirch Capsicum Shimla mirch Cardamom Illaichi Carom seeds Ajwain Chickpea Channa ChickPea Flour Basin Cinnamon Daal Cheeni Clove Laung Coriander Dhanniya Cumin Seeds Zeera Curry leaves Karhi Patta Eggplant Baingan Fenugreek Methi Garlic Lehsan Ginger Adrak Green […]


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Cooking Tips

Fish – Before freezing the fish, clean it and then rub it with salt, turmeric (Haldi) and a dash of vinegar. – To lessen the odour of fish, cook it uncovered in a a shallow pot (4 to 5 inch deep) with a large opening. Fruit – Sprinkle lemon juice on fruit to keep them fresh for a […]

Cooking Recipes

There are many cooking websites available on the internet where professional chefs contribute numerous cooking recipes. This page leads you to the easy-to-cook recipes of famous Pakistani cooking experts. Click any photo to see the recipes of a particular chef. Zubaida Aapa’s Recipes Masala TV Recipes Chef Zakir’s Recipes (‘Dawat’) Chef Shai’s Recipes Chef Gulzar’s […]

Cooking Abbreviations

tbsp. tablespoon tsp. teaspoon spk. speck c. cup h. hour m. minute pk. peck gal. gallon qt. quart pt. pint lb. pound oz. ounce fl oz. fluid ounce

Translation of Spices/Vegs