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 Daily Prayer Timings in Lahore. Click the following picture to see the daily accurate prayer timings in Lahore. Lahore Weather for Today and Tomorrow Click for weather forecast Nostalgic Articles about Lahore. Click the following picture and read the latest nostalgic articles about the life in Lahore in the 1950s, 60s & 70s. Lahori Jokes. Click the following […]

Universities in Islamabad/Rawalpindi

Universities Islamabad Rawalpindi. Editor: The list of following Universities/Institutes in Islamabad/Rawalpindi is not according to rankings, it has just been added alphabetically and gives the websites of the universities. There is no separate ranking available for the Universities Islamabad Rawalpindi, however the ranking of top 10 universities of Pakistan, as declared by HEC, can be […]

Real Estate Guide (Rawalpindi)

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Reflections on Pindi

By Tauqir Ahmad (Brunei) An article on Pindi, The ‘Gunja Kukkar’ of Super Cafe, Bank Road, Rawalpindi  (Written by Mehmud Ahmed from Canada), has revived a chain of happy memories of this beautiful place. For a couple of moments, I was taken away from the present reality into the past of late 60s and ‘70s. It triggered a nostalgic […]

The ‘Gunja Kukkar’ of Super’s Restaurant, Bank Road, Rawalpindi

By Mehmud Ahmed (Canada) I recently read two articles Nostalgic Memories of Rawalpindi and Photos of Rawalpindi which reminded me of my stay in that memorable place. I am 81 years old former journalist and have settled in Canada since five years. During my years in Pakistan, I worked with various newspapers and news media. I was with the […]

I Am the Trouble

          By Col (R) Masood Anwar, AC/Avn (34 Long Course) Once upon a time troubles were smaller and I was bigger I was able to keep them soundless and quiet Whether it was homes roads or parks Then troubles grew bigger and I became smaller I see them now, on roads, […]

Rawalpindi Ramblings

By Brig Humayun Malik, Retd (37th PMA Course) Rashid Zia Cheema’s well written article Nostalgic Memories of Rawalpindi has compelled me to write something too about the city where I had my initial schooling. I started my education in Sir Syed School on The Mall in 1952-53. I have no worthwhile memories of that period to share with […]

Sewerage Water Tastes Saltish

By Brig (R) Hashim Khan (47 PMA) Editor’s Note: Brig (R) Hashim Khan was commissioned in 19 Lancers in 1971. He joined Avn in 1975. After the retirement, he has settled in DHA Phase 1, Islamabad. Pakistan Army Aviation got the Cobra helicopters in Feb 1985, and a formal induction ceremony was planned on 20 Mar […]


By Lt Col (R) Adil Akhtar Editor’ Note: Lt Col Adil Akhtar is from Air Def. After the retirement, he has settled in Rawalpindi. This article is about Brig Zaka Ullah Bhangoo, a legendary Aviator, who died in an air crash in Turkey on 13 May 2007.  Lt Col Adil was a POW in India with then Capt Bhangoo and […]

Well Done Democracy

By Col Masood Anwar, Retd (34th PMA Long Course) In his book “How today’s Divided Society endanger our Future,” in chapter one, Stieglitz emphasizes that “the phenomena of income inequality has been occurring well before the financial crisis of 2008. Indeed inequality is suggested to be a root cause of the crisis itself. From pre-crisis, […]