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                                 By Pak Native This page contains home made beauty recipes for those women from middle-class families who can’t afford to buy expensive masks and scrubs.  It is not advisable for them to buy cheap cosmetic stuff from the market because […]

Beauty Articles

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Healthy Life Style of Pretty Women

By just eating top beauty foods will not make any woman beautiful looking and healthy. She will have to pursue a healthy lifestyle too. She will be required to make certain changes in her lifestyle. Healthy food combined with healthy lifestyle will make her look much younger than her age. Some  steps for improving  healthy lifestyle […]

Top 12 Beauty Foods

Top 12 Beauty Foods A woman’s beauty doesn’t only depend on applying  lots of creams and oils on her face and hair to look more radiant, the ideal approach should be to glow  from within – and that means eating healthy food. Here are top 12 beauty foods which will make a woman beautiful and […]