Books by Pakistani Army Officers

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‘CPEC – Cuisine En route!’

By Lt Col Moneir Aslam, Retd (1st SSC) Editor’s Note: Lt Col Moneir Aslam (Retd) was commissioned in a LAA Regt in April 1972. After the retirement, he has settled in Rawalpindi. Back in time an Army institution (502 Central Workshop EME) in Rawalpindi cantonment, developed a beautiful park in the vast adjoining lands. They […]

List of Chiefs of Army Staff of Pakistan Army (1947 to date)

List of Pakistan Army Chiefs. By Lt Col Rashid Zia Cheema, Retd (2nd SSC): This article about Pakistan Army Chiefs mentions the tenure of each COAS, his course, Army number, and parent unit. First two Pakistan Army Chiefs were British officers. List of Pakistan Army Chiefs (1947 to date) C-in-C (Commander-in-Chief) of Pakistan Army 1.  ?? […]

Sword of Honour and COAS Cane Winners at OTS Kohat & OTS Mangla

COAS Cane Winners at OTS. Compiled by Lt Col Rashid Zia Cheema (R), 2nd SSC When Pakistan got independence on 14 August 1947, there was an acute shortage of commissioned officers in Royal Pakistan Army. There was no Military Academy to train the cadets who could join the Army as commissioned officers. PMA was hurriedly […]

Waterloo Company, Winners of the Junior’s Drill Competition in late 1964 at The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, UK

Muhammad Yakub Masud, Intake 37 (Sep 1964 to 28 July 1966) at RMA Sandhurst was from 33rd PMA Long Course of Pakistan Army. In the following photo he is standing in the centre row, 4th from the Right. Read more about Muhammad Yakub Masud….. Photo contributed by Lt Col J.I. Ris (Standing in top row […]

‘General Mitha; a Down to Earth Person’

By Maj Aziz-ur-Rehman, Retd (15th War Course) Editor’s Note: Maj Aziz-ur-Rehman is from Air Def. After the retirement, he has settled in Rawalpindi. My ex Commanding Officer, Lt Col Mir Hadayat Ullah, Retd, (31st PMA seniority), has narrated this anecdote. He was commanding an Air Defence unit in Malir Cantt. One fine morning, he was informed by […]

‘Zia Vs Zia’

By Lt Col Sajid Majeed Bhatti (R), AC (47th PMA Long Course) Editor: Lt Col Sajid Majeed Bhatti got commission in 22 Cavalry in Nov 1971. He was later posted to 52 Cavalry on its raising on 01 Jan 1973. He retired on 25 Dec 1998 and has settled in Islamabad. Back in 1967, my […]

‘A Farewell’

By Maj Gen Mahmud Ali Durrani (R), AC (24th PMA) Editor’s Note: Maj Gen Mahmud Ali Durrani was commissioned in Guides Cavalry on 13 October 1961 and later joined 25 Cavalry on its raising. He retired in 1998 and settled in Islamabad. He is a former National Security Adviser and has also served as Pakistan’s […]

Winners of the Sovereign’s Company Seniors’ Shooting Competetion in Summer 1954 at The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, UK

JUO Azhar Afif Khan, Intake 13 (March 1953 to 6 Aug 1954) at RMA Sandhurst was from 10th PMA Long Course of Pakistan Army. In the following photo he is sitting in the centre just behind the Trophy. Read more about JUO Azhar Afif Khan….. Photo contributed by William John Bartram (Sitting 2nd from the Left). […]

“Courage, Calmness and Camaraderie of Capt Raheel Sharif”

Courage of Capt Raheel Sharif. By Maj Ehsan Ullah, Retd (60 PMA L/C) Editor’s Note: Maj Ehsan Ullah is from 6 FF. He got commission in October 1979, took early retirement in 1994 and moved to USA in 1998. In 1981, while I was serving in Northern Areas (Now Gilgit-Baltistan) in my unit 6 FF, I […]