PSS 14675 Major Muhammad Qamar Ul Haq, (SSH-2), Punjab

Maj Qamar Ul Haq

PSS 14638 Major Fayyaz Akbar, (HDR-4), FF

Maj Fayyaz Akbar at Rawalpindi, 14 Nov 2019 Maj Fayyaz Akbar

Then and Now Photo of PSS-14809 Maj Hamid Nabi Malik, Punjab

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PA-14791 Col Malik Sohail Ahmed (HDR-5), Air Def

Col Malik Sohail Ahmed

PSS 14795 Major Qaiser Daud, (GHR-1), Sigs

Major Qaiser Daud

PSS 14467 Major Gul Nowaz Khan, FF/AK/Sigs (HDR-2)

Major Gul Nowaz Khan was commissioned in 34 FF. He was transferred to AK in 1974 /75. Later, he changed his arm to Sigs. He runs a property business in Lahore. GC Gul Nowaz Khan, 1972

PSS 14931 Major Abdul Jabbar, (HDR-2), Punjab

Abdul Jabbar in PMA, 1972

PSS 14809 Major Hamid Nabi Malik, Punjab (GHR-4)

Major Hamid Nabi Malik Then and Now Photo of Maj Hamid Nabi Malik   Hamid Nabi Malik in PMA, 1971/72

Major Akhtar Hussain Malik, (HDR-2), Baluch/AK

Major Akhtar Hussain Malik

PSS 14846 Capt Shahid Ali Khan (HDR-2), Sigs

Shahid, 23 July 2017